FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT – A Piece written by Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra London


It is important that the record is put straight so that the people of Biafra can understand the reason behind the stance their radio station has taken in relation to reporting the activities of all pro-Biafran groups in this struggle
Anybody who is in doubt as to what Radio Biafra stands for should visit and familiarise him or herself with the mission statement or see below.
Radio Biafra will not condone the use of the sacred name of Biafra by any individual or organisation regardless of their stature or status in this struggle, to deceive, trick, dupe or mislead our people with unsubstantiated bogus claims about what the UN is doing with them or about to do with them so they can keep deceiving a largely illiterate and desperate public to part with their money. Lies, misinformation, deception and cheating will not be tolerated in the new Biafra. We cannot afford to allow these vices to form the building blocks of Biafra. It will destroy Biafra the way it destroyed Nigeria.
When Radio Biafra insists that people should substantiate their claims about what they have achieved for Biafra, some people misconstrue it as an “attack”. It is worrying that people who are educated are still unable to distinguish between an attack and objective appraisal. A majority of people would be uncomfortable to live in a Biafra where critical appraisal of performance of public officials is seen as an attack. Such primitive reasoning cannot be condoned or tolerated by the Editorial Board of Radio Biafra. Those who are comfortable with lies, deception, cheating and too lazy to ask questions are advised to remain in One Nigeria. A society where people cannot ask questions or demand simple answers is not worth fighting for. The reason why Africa is so backward is because Africans don’t ask questions or reflect on what they are being told or the consequences of the actions of those entrusted with authority.
We ask every pro-Biafran organisation to take a leaf from Radio Biafra and go to the comments page on their website. All comments posted on Radio Biafra website are published verbatim even those that are critical of the performance, approach and style of the station. Criticism makes organisations perform better and that includes Radio Biafra because no institution or person is perfect. There is always room and scope for improvement. Radio Biafra welcomes criticisms regardless of how malicious or well intended they are because it will make us serve the Biafran cause better. Nobody or institution is bigger than the struggle for Biafra.
United States of America is the greatest country on earth because they question those in authority in the open. Comparatively Russia is a diffident society because those in authority kidnap and kill people that ask them difficult questions. Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of a great society because fraud and despotic tendencies cannot withstand scrutiny. United States sacked their President, Richard Nixon, simply because he lied to his country about a minor incident. This is the sort of public scrutiny and accountability that makes the US the great country that it is. The only way to determine if someone is being honest is by asking them questions based on what they said to you. Biafra is not a business that people with criminal tendencies will exploit its name and meaning to steal from unsuspecting masses.
When you claim that United Nations gave you 25 stages through which you have to go through before Biafra is actualised then any right thinking person has the right to ask that these stages be published so we know where we are and what we are doing. How can United Nations give you 25 stages when your organisation is not even registered with them? I cannot understand why such lies should be told to the same people you claim you love and fighting for if you are an honest leader. Do we want Biafra built on lies?
How many freedom fighters in the history of mankind abandoned the struggle they are fighting to go and seek chieftaincy titles? Only in Biafra do you have titled chiefs fighting for independence.
We are often reminded of the exploits of:
Mahatma Ghandi
Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela
Dalai Lama
How many of the people above abandoned the struggle they were involved in to go and seeking for empty chieftaincy titles? Our people should think.
How many freedom fighters will suddenly become dumb when their enemies are at their gates massacring them in their hundreds? Why haven’t any of the groups invited by UN or with UN 25 Stages offered any categorical condemnation of BOKO HARAM? They won’t condemn Boko Haram in the open because they know that the powerful Hausa/Fulani political machinery will expose their treachery and publish the sell out document they signed to kill the Biafran struggle. We challenge anybody to produce a quote attributed to these compromised fraudsters where they condemned Boko Haram in the strongest possible terms. Instead they left it to Radio Biafra, Eastern Pilot Newspaper and the Anglican Bishop of Enugu to do it for them.
Recently we have had groups planning to declare yet again another Biafra when the one that was declared 12 years ago still hasn’t expired or the one Ojukwu declared in 1967 for that matter. The historical importance and significance of declaring a nation should not be trivialised to the point where anyone can declare Biafra in their mother’s kitchen. Biafra is a nation not a money making or tool to deceive people with. Ojukwu sought and obtained full constitutional backing from the people of Biafra before he declared Biafra to the world. All these groups that are declaring Biafra left, right and centre where did they derive their authority from?
We have also been told that a group has applied to the UN for Observer Status recently. Again the question is, how can you apply for Observer Status when the UN doesn’t even know your group exist talk less of representing Biafrans? Where is the letter the UN wrote to them inviting them to apply for observer status or can anybody wake up one morning and apply for observer status? We should stop deceiving ourselves and face the fact. The reality is that some people are out to use the sacred name of Biafra to gain relevance and make money. Radio Biafra is implacably opposed to these approaches because we cannot allow the blood and sacrifice of 3.1 million dead people to be trivialised and ridiculed by criminals masquerading as freedom fighters. The honour and dignity of the Igbo race is not built on deception and lies but on inviolability.
Radio Biafra acknowledges and recognises the contributions of Ekwenche as the pioneer organisation that started the modern phase of the Biafran struggle. In the same vein the activities of Biafra Foundation (Voice of Biafra International), Biafra Liberation in Exile, Biafra Liberation in Europe, Lower Niger Congress, Biafra Liberation Council, Biafra State Coalition, Eastern Mandate Union and BILIE HUMAN RIGHTS INITIATIVE are all recognised and respected. None of the above groups has ever made bogus claims about the United Nations or what they are doing for the people of Biafra. They have distinguished themselves by the way they have conducted their activities.
Rigorous scrutiny of the activities of pro-Biafran groups will make us all sit up and focus on what we are pursuing and not be distracted by earthly pursuit of money and meaningless chieftaincy titles.


The ONLY PURPOSE for the existence of Radio Biafra London is to set a largely misinformed public free from the twin evil of tyrannical rule of a cabal of ill-educated and institutionally corrupt men and women and the sponsored sectarian killings directed against Christian Southerners living in Northern Nigeria by terrorists operating in the name of Islam. It will also serve to articulate a solution to the plight of impoverished and confused Igbo families abandoned by their leaders in Northern Nigeria to a fate worse than those endured by black slaves in plantations in the Americas.
Radio Biafra London will use and deploy every available resource to campaign for the rights of all oppressed indigenous peoples of Southern Nigeria to determine how they wish to structure their societies and live their lives. Radio Biafra London would broadcast debates on issues of national and international importance affecting the lives and rights of the indigenous peoples of Biafra and indeed indigenous people of all ethnic persuasions in Nigeria.
Radio Biafra London further wishes to give advance warning to all looters, embezzlers, kidnappers, sponsors of terrorism, child traffickers, corrupt judges, crooked university lecturers, murderous Nigerian security forces and all thieving individuals masquerading as public officials who steal public funds thereby preventing developmental projects from impacting positively on the lives of the ordinary people. These looters and workers of iniquity will be named and shamed. There will be no hiding place for common thieves who use the cover of high political offices to steal in the name of Nigerian politics. For Radio Biafra London, there will be nothing like no-go-areas in what can be reported, discussed and analysed. The governing principle of the Public-Right-To-Know of the issues affecting their lives will be rigorously upheld.
Ever your loyal servant
Nnamdi Kanu




  1. My dear, this is really interesting. I just wish you could give adequate attention to the quality of government the Igbo states are saddled with, with a view to shaming the vultures that exist only to rape the land. May God strengthen you in your resolve to liberate Ndigbo from the forced marriage we have been enduring. cheers

  2. I have all my lyf been waitin for a day wen an important personel wil speak from the igbo race.this massob nd the Bzm member are not what i all imaginin abt them wen i first had of what d are up 2.never did i knw the are all disappointment 2 the igbo race.the are lyk a mans face been slaped by his own hands.i pray God help biafrans amen


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