PhotoNews: Jos Crisis in Pictures [Gruesome]




  1. Where the hell is Nigerian government please? Why in God’s name would anyone allow this to be happening? Oh men! I just can not believe this, we’re just living in a jungle!!!!!

  2. This is satanism perpetrated in the name of religion under the guise of ethnicity.The fulani and their sponsors are fighting another jihad. Their god must be celebrating the brutal and heartless murder of the innocents

  3. This is beyond imagination. I can’t just imagine how people are being killed day-in-day-out in this country that we called our own. Innocent people for that matter. How I wish the govt will withdraw the security all over the country and let the worse happen…

  4. Hmm is very shame and satanism that our leaders are behind this blood shared in Norther.All Irons must test uzu one day.God will never live the waked.

  5. I do not in anyway support these Barbaric Fulani nomads n their Hausa brothers killing Christian middle belters. But the truth is that the plateau people are just paying the price of collaborating with the Muslim northerners to carry genocide against their fellow Igbo Christians and other southern minorities during the Biafran struggle.


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