Impeachment Threat: President Jonathan run from pillar to post.


As the Battle of impeachment against President Goodluck Jonathan takes the center stage, information available to 247ureports disclose that all may not be ease for President Jonathan who is reportedly running from pillar to Post to quench the impending impeachment threats coming against him.

Inside sources within the Villa disclose that soon after the threat issued by the House of Representatives on their resolve to commence impeachment Process against Mr. President on 18th September as soon the return from recess if he fails to implement the budget to 100%.

According to the Source; “Soon after that announcement by the House to commence impeachment process against President Goodluck Jonathan, knowing fully well  that the country is bankrupt and there is no money in the treasure that will be used to implement the budget to 100% as demanded by the House.”

According to the source; “The President summoned the CBN governor asking him to release money from the CBN, a request which the CBN Governor turned down telling him there is no money, and he also made another request to him asking print more money, the CBN Governor this time told him if that is done the inflation will go up and the value of naira to a dollar will be up to N300 to one dollar.”

“He met with the Economic team, and told them that the Subsidy on fuel should be removed totally, the Economic team also disagreed with him, as they told him that if that happen the country will be thrown in flames as what happened in January will be little compare to what will happen if the subsidy is being removed totally.

At the moment the President is said to be in total confusion as the House is said to be adamant to his pleas even as the intervention of the Senate President and PDP top shots is said not to have done anything.

Stay tuned for more details



  1. Another ”GHANA MUST GO” game.This is just a beginning for the illegal government which beleives in looting the treasury of the nation inorder to enrich themselves and their cavals. I feel worried whenever i sees a publication in any of our national dailies, indicating the woofing sums of money sinked into unrealistic investment. On the other hand, the so-called legislatures are paying lip services to Nigerians.

  2. simply,you are telling us pure lies. The President can never be moved let alone been confused by empty threats from MPs. He knows their demands and he meet them. Wait and see.

  3. You are lying.stop confusing nigerians you faceless and junk journalist.He needs nothing to fear about.Budget was approved in May and 35% has been released in 2Months.


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