Two Churches Bombed In Bauchi, 15 dead



Information available to through a source close to the activities of the Yuguda administration reveals that a bomb exploded at one of the churches [Winners Chapel] located in the suburbs of Bauchi and another church located near the Abubakar Tafawa. According to an eyewitness, the bomb exploded at 10:15am as the church goers settled in for Sunday service.

As gathered, the Church was hit by a car loaded with improvised explosive device [IED]. But the eyewitness accounts differ over the incident.

Some eyewitnesses reported that the driver of the vehicle had driven the vehicle to the church and parked it and then walked into the church. The explosion occurred minutes after the driver walked into the church service. It is uncertain if the driver made it out of the church building before the explosion.

Other eyewitness reports state that it was the handiwork of a suicide bomber who drove in a Honda Saloon laden in IED. The vehicle was rammed into the church.

The explosion was reported to be as massive as the Christmas Day church bombing at Madalla in Suleja, Niger State. Unofficial data puts the death toll at 15 but the police have remained mute over the explosion. The police indicated that he will release a statement soon –once the details of the incident become clearer.

On a puzzling note, the vehicle brand, as reliably gathered from a government source who stated that it was an American model Chevrolet, – noted that the same model vehicle was recently distributed to top officials of the state civil servants and some political appointees. According to the source inside the Yuguda administration, “the vehicle used in the bombing was one of the vehicles distributed by Yuguda”. It was revealed that the Yuguda administration is presently working tirelessly to identify the owner of the vehicle. The particulars of the vehicle may have been retrieved by the police and the other security agents. This information is yet to be confirmed.

The government of Bauchi State was contacted for comment but they decided to wait for the police to comment first.

The death toll is expected to rise. Sources state that the scene is still being attended to by security officials are presently recovering bodies and the injured.


  1. It hapened at d entrance of (winners chaple) as an eye witnes d bomber came in a new siena bus.Just at d entrance is a roadblok of long n casted projeced post,when he came he tried 2 avoid search n colided wit d barricade it exploded n unfortunatly a smal church close 2 d area was afected,women n especialy children got kiled n d mopol on guard wit som men also,d bomber whose body was dismembered at a radius of 500metres pple were busy snapin his torn body wit raining curses,wot seems suspicious n luk like colaboration of d security agents is dat unlike b4 no patrol 2day n those atach 2 churches weren’t given guns,since yestade a mesage was sent dat they wil atack church 2day in Bauchi,cos of dis som xtians stay at home,yet d bomber was alowed 2 do d damage,howeva it is a failure as he wasn’t near living faith d primary target,irate youth angrily kiled n set ablazed 2 okada n keke napep driver d chared bodies ar in a gutter at Angua Ngas,yelwa Tudu,however we ar waitin 4 Jamaitul Nasir Islam 2 defend n justify d calous act n even say xtian did it bcos dey ar d one sending dem(JNI) ar d mentors of Boko Haram, d secreet meetin dey held wit almost all d prominent Islamic clerics in d north and top politicians few years ago titled, “Time 2 blast d infidel” “D visitors(suicide Bombers) av arived” ar very much available ,but dey ar loosing d batle,a fight against God’s pple is a fight against God out 4 my next shocker, “Controvercy over d child born with Qur’an” a must read for every body nothin hiden dat wil not b revealed.Sammy was there live at d Bauchi bomb site,see u later.

  2. I pity those suicide bombers- if one of them had ever come back to narrate how he is languishing hell instead of having 9 virgins, they would’ve gotten their heads right. Stupid operatives- why can ur bosses/sponsors engage their biological children in da so-called cowardly ‘holy war’?

  3. the people in the world shud know we are in the end time and d scripture must b fulfil. the word of God says men shall do more wickely. the Prince of Peace was slain till Jesus comes, there’ll be no peace. there is a force behind dis. God’ll deliver his children. the days are evil, repent and be save.jst imagine A WORLD WHERE PEOPLE ARE READY/HAPPY TO SEE OTHER PEOPLE DYING- WAT A CRAZY WORLD! may God help the world.


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