Rejoinder: Gov Kwankwaso Visits USA With 50 Aides


Press Release from the Kano State Government in response to report on the governor’s planned trip to the USA with 50 aides.

His Excellency, the governor of Kano state, Gov. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso is billed to travel to United States on official visit to attend the forthcoming session of the US-Nigeria Binational Commission meeting holding from the 4th and 5th of June, 2012 in Washington D.C.

The governor who is part of the Nigeria government delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb, Olugbenga Ashiru will be accompanied by the state Accountant General, Dr. Danjuma Mahmud, the Special Advisor on Economic Matters, Alhaji Aminu Mukhtar Dan’Amu, the Director of Communication, Baba Halilu Dantiye mni and his orderly, Sergeant Liti Jibril.

His Excellency also plans to visit the Texas A & M University at Houston, Texas to conclude discussion on the take off of the university’s campus in Kano.


Baba Halilu Dantiye, mni, fnge

Director of Communication and Public Relations

Strategy to the Executive Governor of Kano State



  1. This is baseless Rejoinder. Bashir Muzakkar has since gave out similar false statement to defend the ‘Dictator’ in the footer contribution comments. Tirr!! da hali irin na Kwankwaso. Tun daga hawan sa Jihar Kano ta lalace ta kowacce fuska, al’umma suka shiga bala’i. Gari ya ki dadi kwata kwata saboda mullkin zalinci, handama da babakere, ci ka dake, daga shi sai iyalin sa. Allah Ya sauwake

  2. It is observed that His Excellency assessed his wickedness attitude by abstaining self from the people he governed to avoid the usual embarrassment. He knew that definitely, he will be chased whenever he makes himself available (freely) by Kano people. (matsoraci, me ya sa ka ke buya?) He confiscated our plots, demolished our houses, and chased away our harmonious peaceful living. In Allah Ya yarda Kwankwaso bazai gama lafiya ba. Allah Ya isa

    • we must soften our tongue when we are referring to our leaders.are u not the one who elected him in the first place?please,it is time that we should start doing things objectively.lets be realistic and confront the monsters that scaring us as a group.assuming it is your dad who happens to be a govr,can u called him ‘matsoraci’?

  3. Liars! Bunch of liars!!! Kwankwaso and his team can only decieve themselves, the people of Kano are now the wiser. This accursed administration of junkies, fetishes and banal Malams is the worst tragedy that ever happened to Kano, but they shall certainly meet a monumental disgrace and humiliation for destroying the peace of Kano and embarking on an unprecedented looting of the stste resources. Zalimun, Mushrikun, Mal’uneeeeeeeeeeeen – tsinannu!!!!!!

  4. @Musa gadanya,Sani Ishak.We the ‘Kanawas’ are very grateful to Almighty Allah 4 giving us this God fearing person as our present governor in our state.In his only 365 days,Kano has changed positively in any aspect of life.Be it education,health,human and social development 2 mention but a few.
    It’s only a few ingrates and undesirable elements like you that are having ‘black belle’ because your government of eight years has nothing to show aside public funds looting and ‘daudu’.
    Long live Kano state.

  5. It is unfortunate that a man of no manner, a man of no pity, a man of impoliteness and close minded has come back ruling kano again. What nonesense did kano state people played in 2011 election. Look at situation of kano today, immorality in society, curruption in economy, egotism in giving contract, arrogancy in public offices, uncertainty in security, absence of surety among civil servants, strictness in freedom of expression, stumbling blocks in business.

  6. So are u ppl are telling me that Kwankwaso is worse than Shekarau? From what you have said, “shi kadai yake ci sai yan uwansa” means you are agrieved cus u not getting share of the ‘loot’? Gadanga, cin hanci? Babakere? Zalunci? U describing Shekarau’s govt? Allah ya sawwake maku kanawa, just cus he won’t let you touch ppl’s money, u abusing him?

  7. Baseless myopic criticism , come forth with ur facts and we shall know who is corrupt and who’s not. Kano has never had it better since the return of democracy. He is a selfless patriot with a passion to make Kano better.

  8. Ku mahassada munsanku kuma munganeku kunfison mutumin da zai debi kudi yakiwa mutane aiki ko ? Karyarku tasha karya munafukai haka zaku kare, kwankwaso yayi gaba kuma da ikon Allah sai ya gyara mana garinmu kukoma garinku daku da iyayen gidanku. Dan musa yayi gaba.

  9. Ban yi mamaki da irin kalaman su Gadanga, Musa da Musan Bariki ba saboda na su ra’ayin su ka fada da kuma nuna bakin cikin su da abin da Allah ya tsara. Ina kuma son in nusar da ku cewa, duk wanda yayi imani da Allah da ranar karshe, ya fadi alheri ko yayi shiru…


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