Police Collates Figures Of Farouk Lawan Committee Bribe Money


Meanwhile, the CP Amodu Police team it was learnt yesterday may have collated a total figure of N11. 3billion as the bribe money collected by the committee.

The huge amount according to Police sources was arrived at following the influx of information and petitions from oil marketers to the Special Task Force detailing how much was given to the probe panel in both foreign and local currencies.

The anger and frustration of the oil marketers in the manner they were treated according to the source, had become so unbearable that some of them even deposed to signed Court Affidavits, promising to appear as prosecution witness in court against members of House panel.

The source added that the impunity with which the committee went about collecting bribe money from oil marketers was so amazing that the investigation committee could hardly believe that the same House members which Nigerians adored were behind the acts.

“As I am talking to you now, many marketers

are still afraid to come out and spill the beans because they fear the consequences of giving bribe but we will get around that”, the source said.

Regarding the fear that the $620, 000 bribe money may have been tampered with or destroyed, the source said the Police already had overwhelming evidence against the Lawan committee.

For instance, the source noted that “if the Lawan Committee thinks they are smart and they tamper with the evidence, the Police will get the serial numbers of the money and trace the money. Aside that, the call logs of the discussions, negotiation and appreciation after collection and confirmation of the amount of money collected are unbeatable evidence.”.



  1. Farouk has been faithful to nigerians since 1999 he cannot do something like dat now I want to imploy d security men to into deep case . If farouk take d money may be he want callect it to expose some inden information.pls up date me through my e-mail thanks

  2. Olanrewaju open your eyes, how did you know that Farouk has been faithful to Nigerians, see GOD will continue to expose them one by one, if Farouk want to expose Otedola right thinking person expect him to report straight to security immediately he collected the money that is one, two going by his story I expect Otedola to go to Farouk not vice versa as Otedola need his assistance to cover up but GOD the Omnipotent will always have HIS way.


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