Pay Pensioners, ACN Tells Amaechi


Press Statement

Pay Pensioners, ACN Tells Amaechi

The Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Rivers State chapter has urged the Governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi to pay
Pensioners all their outstanding entitlements without further delay.

The party in a statement signed by its State Publicity Secretary,
Jerry Needam while reacting to the demonstration in Port Harcourt by
Pensioners, condemned the refusal of government to pay them their
entitlements, saying that the protest would have been avoidable, if
the Amaechi government was responsive to its responsibility.

ACN said Pensioners that are today neglected were the sacrificial
lambs of good life Amaechi, politicians and political robbers in
Amaechi’s government are enjoying today.

Jerry Needam further disclosed that the demonstration by Pensioners in
Rivers State has brought to the fore, the insensitivity of Gov
Amaechi’s administration to the welfare and plight of Rivers people,
particularly, elder statesmen like Pensioners, who put in everything
in them to institutionalize an enduring Civil Service structure in
Rivers State.

ACN regretted that while Gov Rotimi Amaechi is planning to retire into
glass houses in choice areas in Port Harcourt and Abuja, at the
expense of Rivers people and reserve for himself and family large
chunk of the State budget for life, through an obnoxious bill, that
was surreptitiously signed by him into law, the real pensioners are

“Those who actually laboured for the State, all through their life,
and retired in the service of the State, are left in penury on account
of neglect and abandonment by government they meritoriously served”,
ACN further regretted.

According to ACN the Rivers State government under Amaechi which
receives the highest allocation in Nigeria, still owes Pensioners’
entitlements, stressing that no responsible government treats
Pensioners with careless abandon.

The party describes the action of the Amaechi led government as an act
of ingratitude considering the huge contributions made by these
Pensioners for the growth of Rivers State.

ACN therefore urges the Governor of Rivers State to desist forthwith
from spending the resources of Rivers State on frivolities, and
channel billions of naira accruing to the State into payment of
entitlements due Pensioners.

Jerry Needam
Publicity Secretary
ACN, Rivers State




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