Dirge to victims of Dana Plane


By Muhammad Ajah

June 3, just 9 days before June 12. Black June! On Sunday – a blessed worship day. Iju Ishaga, a suburb of Lagos. The Dana bird lost sight of the radar or otherwise. And fell on citizens in their homes. 159 in the Dana and many in their homes fell to DESTINY.

Those who caught the plane before the doors were closed! How death becomes inevitable that it comes when it is due. How many have slept and woke up no more! How many were down on their knees at the minaret or temple but death feared not the presence of God! How many? Tell me, O Incomprehensible Dominion, what can this mortal do to soothe thee!

Tears of the beloved have run. Days of mourning have been declared. Flags have been flown at half mast. The leadership has shown the grief. Will this really be the end of our air crashes?

Belleview and Sosoliso wastes are still in memory. How soon we forget! And how soon death comes to those who have not wronged nature.

May the sorrows of Black June go away soon.

Muhammad Ajah is a writer, author, advocate of humanity and good governance based in Abuja. E-mail mobahawwah@yahoo.co.uk



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