Pandemonium In Jos, Street Riots Following Bomb Blast – 4 dead


Information available to indicates that pandamoniom has broken out in the capital city of Jos in Plateau State following the early morning [7:30am] sucide bombing of the COCIN [Church] headquaters in Jos.

The bombing of the COCIN headquarters which is located at the heart of Jos is said to share the same fence with the Central Bank of Nigeria. The sucide bomber action was said to be carried out by two younger men who drove in a black vehicle believed to either be a honda or toyota model car. It is not certain the vehicle they drove because the vehicle was reported by eyewithnesses to have been damaged beyond recognition. Only the metal wheels and the engine were recognizable. Three dead bodies were immediately noted on the scene of the bomb blast – two male and one female. The two male are suspected to be the bombers.

Meanwhile, the angered youths are said to have taken to the streets in Jos to protest against the bombing. In the process of the protest, the groupof angry men/youths were reported by an eyewitness to have run into a youth suspected to be a muslim. He was immediately beaten to dead by the mob.

Jos appears on the verge of a full violent outbreak in the entire city.



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