Gov Chime Boycotts Ojukwu’s Enugu Burial

L-R: Wife of Late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Lady Bianca Ojukwu, wife of Anambra state Governor, Mrs. Margaret Obi, South-East President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rt. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma, Arch. Bishop Obi Onubogu of the Rock Family Church and Arch. Bishop of the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Enugu Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. S.K.C. Uche, shortly after a requiem mass in honour of the Late Dim Ojukwu, at the Holy Ghost Cathedral, Ogui, Enugu

Information available to  through reliable sources at the Enugu State government house indicates that the Governor of Enugu State, Mr. Sullivan Chime may have a bone to pick with the Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu family – to the extent that he has refused to attend the Enugu state festivities to mark the death of Ojukwu.

According to the information received, when the corpse of Ojukwu made its round to Enugu State and arrived the government house, the governor of Enugu State was not present to receive the corpse. The delegation which travelled with the corpse from Owerri to Umuahia – had to wait 3 hours at the governor’s office before the governor’s arrival. When the governor arrived, he made excuses that he was on a private call with President Goodluck Jonathan. The governor proceeded to receive the group. But the group was not pleased with the governor’s attitude towards Ojukwu. Following the governor’s unflattery recept of the delegation, the governor proceeded to boycott the official burial mass held by the Enugu State government.

It is uncertain why the attitude of the Enugu Governor appears somewhat negative towards the burial of Ojukwu but it was observed that Gov Sullivan Chime has not been in attendance at any of the burial events across the country. It is recalled that the Ojukwu family had rebuffed the choice candidate selected by the Enugu State governor to occupy the slot of Deputy Chairman for the National Coordinating Committee for Ojukwu’s burial. Gov. Chime had selected Jim Nwobodo.

Meanwhile, the President of Nigeria who was previously scheduled to be in attendance of the Enugu State festivities, was reported to have changed his plans. He declined the Enugu State visit citing improper planning by the state governor in assuring adequate security. The President will be attending the Friday burial at Nnewi.



  1. Why must this guy expose Wawa people in a negative light. This guy could not phantom that IKEMBA is for all Igbo people and not for his family. What a pity, Gov Chime. This guy should know that you do pick issues with the family of the deceased in occasion like this. Who is advising this man. With this gesture. Gov Chime you are representing yourself and not this wishes of Wawa people. No reason what so ever for the attitude like this. Shame on you Chime. Bury your face in the sand. IKEMBA WE THE GOOD PEOPLE OF WAWA FARE YOU WELL and MAY GOD BLESS YOU!! AMEN!!!

    • Why do you spread lies like this 247ureport. I learnt and saw in the pictures posted the Governor the was there in guardians newspaper. Please stop rumour mongering, Mr 247urepors. I apologies to the governor for the above write up THE GOVERNOR WAS IN THE PICTURE.

  2. The burial for the ages, WOW, even if the family did not want you there you present yourself. The president will be on your side if you tell him whats up, cause it is all political posturing and it is big. You better be there on the second of March. Otherwise, it is a big disgrace for Enugu state where IKEMBA lived and Married. To OUR FAMOUS DAUGHTER, the governor of Enugu should be there and fast.

  3. What has this stupid chime done again,i thought he was a sensible person not knowing he is a fool, if he fails to attend ojukwu’s burial, history will never forgive him and i assure him that his political carrier is dermed to surfer.

  4. Gov. Sullivan is a failure, his cup is about to full. let him continue. God will jourdge him according to his plee.

  5. If the reason is as simple as what is stated here for Governor Chime’s reported attitude,then the governor, who I respect a lot for monumental achievements on infrastructure needs to understand that myopism will not help the Igbo race on the task ahead. I also noticed that Chime was not in Nnewi for the burial-the only governor that did not come from South East apart from Rochas who was in Abuja for his Supreme Court judgement.Yet Governors of Delta,Ondo Cross River and the Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom and wife of Rivers state Governor attended. Does it mean that Chime did nt find aa representative to hide his grudge?Is it not a shame?


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