Arrest Of Boko Haram Media Man: “We Will Destroy Nigeria”


The recent arrest of the media front man of the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram by the State Security Services [SSS] in Kaduna has further raised the stakes in the ‘war’ between Nigeria and Boko Haram. As gathered through a source within the Islamic group, the arrest of the media front man by the Nigerian government has permanently shut all doors to dialogue. “We will make them regret this”, the source said.

Information available to our correspondent through a source in Kaduna State indicates that the SSS tricked the men of Boko Haram into a make believe meeting for the purpose of dialogue – somewhere in Kaduna State. The SSS, in particular, had pleaded with the leadership of Boko Haram to come to the dialogue table to lay their grieviances. As gathered, the Boko Haram leaders agreed and were prepared to meet with the men of the SSS. The Boko Haram men, at first, selected five men to meet with the Nigerian SSS – but changed their minds and decided to send one operative instead. This action on their part was because of the limited trust they had for the SSS.

The Boko Haram men who were quartered nearby the pre-arranged meeting venue with the SSS – decided on the media man via a coin toss. This was because all of the 5 Boko Haram men who were selected – all volunteered to be presented as the sacrificial lamb to the SSS.

The meeting between the SSS men and themedia front man for the  Islamic group was said to have taken the form of a normal dialogue meeting. The media front was said to have laid the demands of the Islamic group in unweavering terms to the SSS men. The SSS men were said to have received the Boko Haram agent with open arms – until after the meeting – when the men of the SSS followed the Boko Haram agent and then arrested him.

Available information to indicates that the Boko Haram commanders have recoiled into their various camps with instructions and targets to hit in the coming further. They are determined said the source. More supplies and personnel are being trucked into the country from external sources.  In particular, 109 sucide bombers trained in Somalia, according to the source, have arrived the country along with trained bomb makers. The source adds that “our sucide bombers are heading south towards Abuja axis”.

Through independent inquiry, learnt that some of the Boko Haram members have at one time in their working career – worked in the Aso Villa as an aide to one of the Nigerian Presidents. They have firsthand understanding of the internal design of the Presidential villa – and all the wings inside the complex. Confirming this, an Abuja based security official who claims to have had interactions with the terrorist group stated that the top leadership of the group have had their eyes at the Presidential Villa in Abuja as a prized target.

It is uncertain what the next target of the Boko Haram will be but it is certain the next target will be a significant target. As the sources angrily noted, “We will Destroy Nigeria”.

Meanwhile, it gathered that the National Security Adviser [NSA] and the President were not aware of the said meeting between the men of the SSS and the Boko Haram.



  1. No person or group of persons can destroy Nigeria bcos God created d Nation n not man,I thought by now these agents of satan(Boko Haram) wil 4 once repent not knowing dat doom is their destiny,d truth is dat wit revelations frm Abul Qaqa d boko harams must b on d run cos all their secrets n modus operandi n their sponsors n more ar now known, d sect ar purely occultic in nature, we must continue 2 pray 4 God 2 perfect d rest,4 d demonic Boko Haram it’s d begining of d end d hand writing is clear on d wall it doesn’t mater if they start killing again,they claim it was not Qaqa dat was arested now they said they’v bn tricked, 2moro it wil b dat they av surender,God of Heaven wil stop u even if no man can.

    • you are wrong…you do not know God, nor even know what God created…it was a man who created Nigeria. Nigeria is not a nation. Nigeria is a country that encapsulates about three to four nations, each power than many countries in Europe and Africa, in terms of population, land mass, etc…and by human beings and God’s will, Nigeria will come down so these nations can have freedom from this waste called Nigeria

    • Let us be realistic to ourselves,Nigeria as an entity is not because God made it to be so, it is because of selfish colonial intrest the British lords uptil today´s selfish political intrest of our leaders that Nigeria came to be, not as a nation, butas a concentration camp, now that is over-concentrated,there is alot of sulphucation(explotions),God ccreated Igboukwu, Oyo ,Sokoto, Bornu empires and others as nations but the British wanted to double-cross God which is impossible

  2. From the arrest of this man, we can see that these threats are from their sponsors who are afraid of being Implicated and arrested, as this arrested coward has started singing like Canary bird in the SSS net.

    This is the kind of ASP George Iyamu during the Lawrence Anini saga that was spreading the rumors that Anini was disappearing and appearing just to be scaring the Nigerians and Police force by then.

    SSS should torture that Bastard more to get more information from him; he never attended any Dialogue meeting with the SSS, now I know that these Boko Haram are all liars. They denied that he was not Abu Qaca before now he is the one, how can you be fighting Corruption with lies? This is a pure political motivated killings and not religious at all.

    These are the handiwork of the people who vowed to make the country ungovernable if they fail to win the presidential election.

    These arrested bastards should be tried, if proved guilty should be publicly executed, and let the Heaven fall. No Tribe, Religion, or Individual has a Monopoly of Violence. The crawling of Lion is never an act of fear or cowardice.

    Let Boko Haram bring all the Arabs and Terrorists into Nigeria, we are very ready for them. GEJ if you allow these captured Bastards to regain freedom because of fear, then you should expect more Terror groups from other parts of Nigeria. If you like you can compromise with them again by allowing your courts to hand to them only 3 years in picnic you call prison while innocent Nigerians will continue to be languishing in the Nigerian deadly prisons, just for you to hold on to power.

    Try them publicly and execute them publicly NOTHING will ever happen more than what that has been happening in the past since you GEJ became the Nigeria president.


  3. It is very sad to be reading this type of news at this period,let mr.president called the meeting of former president and choose babangida,buhari and shonekan to find lasting solution to this problem,

    • Have you read another write where IBB is complicated in all this issues
      – Ex BOKO HARAM Leader, now converted to the Christian, Fingers IBB and others –

  4. its time to fight back, enough of iliteracy in modern day world in the name of Boko Haram. if they want local education, then it should be reserved for their people. IF WE CANT STAY AS A NATION, THEN AMALGAMATION WAS TRULY WRONG. we should go our different parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i like the way made the arrest if truely the article is not a falsified one. The sss should stop announcing anything that has to do with fishing out criminal. I am a muslim and all these BOKO HARAM and their evil mission is against islamic teachings a religion. BOKO HARAM is an evil cult and it has nothing to do with islam. Please nigerians take note and GOD bless NIGERIA.

  6. What a porous security system…naija… Why won’t the federal government hunt this guys to the mounttains of bauchi state and pick them out.. Why won’t the f.g hold the former governors of kano and bauchi states?? Why are they still parading themselves across streets of this country??? why are our borders still leaking??? why won’t the f.g partner with neighbouring countries in order to tackle these criminals??? Why is G.E.J still keeping quiet on this issue????? why is are we still allocating income generated from niger delta oil to these bunch of lazy governors for them to breed these criminals??? why??why??why??? Those in power should wake up cos posterity will not have it likely with you o………………..

  7. My God cannot create a corrupt country like Nigeria. Our govt has failed us and heaven must fail our govt too! Few Nigerians are looting our National treasury with impunity amidst extreme poverty and hunger. The Nigeria Youths are wallowing in unemployment, the children of Nigerian mAsses cannot aford good education but #5billion is budgeted for the school fees of Nigerian Diplomats’ children. Those in govt shall know no peace now and beyond life!

  8. Somebody said just before the 2011 general elections that, if GEJ wins the elections, (they) will make it difficult for him to govern the country. we are beginning to know the (they) who made these statements. God, save this country

  9. Boko haram shut ur fucking mouth up, u cant do anything… U will only end up detroying urselves and ur families… U guys are nothing but thieves…. Shame on u..oooooo

  10. i know whom i believe in one true God. this issue is not new because it also occurred in the days of Paul and Elijah. he that is with the Christians is greater than he that is in the world. have no fear

  11. Good people of nigeria, if there is any time this country needs prayer, it is now. Let us allow peace to reign in this country. All former leaders in this country should be invited to take oath unto God that none of them is behind this dirty act. We can not afford to destroy this country that God has blessed us with. God is watching!

  12. The only thing I can say as a Nigerian is to ALLAH we belong and to him we shall return.only HIM can change the direction of this country.


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