BreakingNews: Jonathan Fires Ringim


Information available to indicates thatthe President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan has fired the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force. The information was released on Tuesday afternoon of the sacking/retirement of the Police Chief.

Although the finer details to the sack of Ringim appear sketchly, it is certain the Police chief was released over his mishandling of the Boko Haram agent [Kabiru Umar aka Kabiru Sokoto] recently arrested but was allowed to escape from the police custody.

President Jonathan had handed a 24hour ultimatum tothe former Police Chief to fish out the escaped Boko Haram member – or be sacked. At the expiration of the ultimatum, the former Police chief failed to produce the escaped suspect. Six other DIG’s were also sacked.

MD Abubakar takes over as the new Inspector General of Police.




  1. This is a fatal mistake by Mr. President. It`s like one selling his dog to buy a pussy cat. MD Abubakar is unrepentant religious bigot and an hardcore Islamist. It is not yet hurrah my people.

  2. @EX-COPS Why such comment,what you are now saying is that M D is an ISLAMIST,who be you?A man who have not display anything.Tha`s such a bad comment about M D.

  3. @Ex-Cop. Ur comment is disappointing. Just because MD Abubakar is Muslim, U started accusing him when U don’t actually knows who is he. Is it same hypocrisy that took us to where we are today.

  4. @ex_cop. Infact you made a big mistake with that your balderdash coment. If am not mistaking your are among those who distroye this country up to the present moment with that you sentiment.

  5. Let’s give the man, Mr. Abubakar, a chance before passing judgment. Anybody who assumes the position of IGP knows that all eyes are on him and it will be unwise of him to put his religious ideology above his professional responsibilities.

  6. evil shall slay the wicked and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate- says the bible. anyone responsible for all these Boko haram in Nigeria would soon meet their doom- they and their generations, Amen. Goodluck Jonathan, God is ur strength

  7. I don’t think the M.D has done anything yet Τo draw criticism.the frist thing was that ringim had Τo be removed.he deserved to lose his job over his level of gross incompetence

  8. It seems the muslims are getting defensive because they think excop doesn’t know what he is saying. Consider this: MD Abubakar, as far back as 2002, was recommended for dismissal by the Justice Niki Tobi panel on grounds that he was a religious bigot. He has also been accused of being the mastermind behind the (revenge) killings of Christians in Jos.
    In the spirit of the newfound religious unity growing between muslims and christians in northern Nigeria, I feel we should not be quick to dismiss EXCOP, especially if he actually is an Ex Cop and may therefore know factually things he cannot say here.

  9. Are you guys saying that MD Abubakar was just appointed without any scrutiny? I am certain that he was selected base on merit. Please pray for the change to be positive to our country. Pray for better and safer Nigeria.

  10. EX-COP comment should not be dismissed just like that, ‘cos there’s no smoke without fire. However, the new IGP will, i bliv, b professional in this national assignment so that his name will find a place in history.


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