BreakingNews: Mosque Bombed in Sapele, Delta State

Central Mosque Lagos Nigeria

Information available to indicates that a Mosque has been bombed in the oil-rich community of Sapele in Delta State. The prayer house was bombed at 5am Saturday morning. This is according confirmed sources.

The bombing comes on the heels of  series of threat and warnings by the militant group in the Nigeria Delta region by the name Egbesu Mighter Man – an Ijaw based group. The group which also goes by the name, Water Lion, had made several warnings to the Islamic militant group, Boko Haram, over their continued killings of southerners and Christians living in the northern part of Nigeria. The Ijaw group pleaded with the Boko Hakam to stop the killing or have the Moslem in the Delta region face like treatment. They followed their pleadings with a seven day ultimatum to the Moslems living in the Delta region to vacate the land or face dire consequences. had reached out to the zonal administrator of the Sapele police but he indicated not to have any information as to the bombing.

Details remain sketchy. Stay tuned.



  1. War can be easy to start but very very hard to stop, Please do not advise any war arrangement in Nigeria. My God, I pray let that be peace in my country Nigeria in Jesus name, Amen!!

  2. One may understand your feelings. But you see is the solution in war? Please let us all sheath the sword and press the Fed Gov. hard to decisively deal with those behind this bombings. I hope Senator Ndume will be given maximum sentence if found guilty and not just 3 years

    Those seeking for war in NIGERIA shall DIE and see no war!
    Those thirsty 4 blood shall drink their blood &eat their flash!


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