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Political Kidnapping: New Details into who Kidnapped the Father of NASS Member in Nnewi



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New details into the Sunday morning kidnap of the father of a member of the House of Representative, Honorable Chris Azubogu representing the Nnewi federal constinuent in the national assembly under the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] have emerged, and information available 247ureports.com indicate that the kidnap may have been politically induced, and that the lawmaker may be aware of the identitiy of his father’s kidnappers.

It is recalled that the father to House of Representative Member, Mr. Louis Azubogu of Umudim-Nnewi was kidnapped in his home at Nnewi at minutes after 9am as he prepared to leave for early morning Sunday Service. Mr. Azubogu is a  78 year old business man who is an Anglican by Church denomination. The lawmaker [son] had confirmed the sad news to 247ureports.com on the phone – stating that the family is yet to be contacted by the kidnappers but that they are keeping their phones lines open.

On the first level, in the build up to the APGA primary elections in Anambra State, a period covering between February 2011 to April 2011, the community of Umudim in Nnewi experienced a suspicious level of kidnappings that raised concerns within the State Security Service [SSS]. According to information received from an agent with the SSS, three [3] kidnappings had occurred within a mile radius of the lawmaker’s home. Chief Oformata, Emma Aba, and a renowned medical doctor was abducted by unknown kidnappers immediately following the general elections of April 2011 in Anambra State. And now the kidnap of Pa Azubogu.

Perplexed by the attraction to the Umudim community, security experts in Anambra launched an inquiry into the continued interest of kidnappers with the said community. The security agent in studying the pattern of kidnappings immediately uncovered a similarity in the four [4] kidnappings. It gathered that in all of the cases, the kidnappers did not contact the family of the kidnapped victim until about 5-7days after the abduction – and the abductions were carried out inside the home of the abducted victim.

On the second level, security operatives gathered that the lawmaker may have owed debts to political godfathers -stemming from the activities of the general elections of April 2011. It was gathered that the candidacy of the Nnewi lawmaker was bankrolled [to the tune of N25million] by an APGA stalwart who originates out of the South Senatorial District of Anambra State.  The lawmaker was reported to have promised to repay the loan once he mounts the seat at the National Assembly. And as gathered, the APGA stalwart, who used to be a recent member of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] before defecting to APGA, is said to have yet received payment in part nor in full. He has not received returns on his investment. Caping matters, the APGA stalwart become particularly angered by the lavish Thanksgiving ceremony held by the lawmaker at his father’s home in Umudim Nnewi – where an estimated N4million was expended – indicating that the lawmaker may “have come into cash“. The lawmaker’s refusal to pay his godfather on the agreed arrangement is believed by the SSS agents to have possibly resulted to the kidnapping of his father.     

On the third level, 247ureports.com investigations gathered that the ongoing troubles and factionalization within the APGA in Anambra State may have contributed to the kidnapping of Pa Azubogu. In Nnewi, one of the major political hubs in Anambra, there exits two warring APGA factions – the Victor Umeh faction and the Peter Obi faction. Immediately following the elections, one of Peter Obi’s aides, Chief Nwaobualor, presented to the people of Nnewi a new party Chairman for the Nnewi Local Government Area [LGA] to replace the seating Chairman believed to be from the Victor Umeh faction of APGA. This action resulted to the formation of a parallel APGA structure in Nnewi [and in the other communities of Anambra State]. The lawmaker was reported to be not interested in the activities of APGA in Nnewi nor in the activities of APGA in general.  So he chose not to heed the calls of members of his constinuents who reached out to him to involve himself in amending the fractured APGA or to join forces with one of the factions in Nnewi. His refusal to join issues and his recent appointment as a deputy chairman in one of the lucrative committees in the House of Representatives- raised suspicions among APGA diehards that the lawmaker may have struck a deal to defect to the PDP.  This did not seat well with the many supporters in Nnewi.

In addition, close associates of Pa Azubogu in Umudim tell 247ureports.com that he had no personal emenies who would have kidnapped him in such manner. They strongly believe his kidnapping  to be the result of his son’s politrical activities. In confirmatory manner, they point to his political godfathers and activities sorrounding his electoral victory as responsible for his abduction.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker is yet to be contacted by the kidnappers.

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