Jomo Gbomo: “You can’t threaten Jonathan; we’ll go after you” –General Okin Sele


Press Statement

We EGBESU MIGHTIER FRATERNITY read with utmost concern on the thread press statement issued by the movement for the Emancipation f the Niger Delta (MEND) through its spokesman, Jomo Gbomo , dated September 28, 2011 “On October 1, 2011 to bomb Eagle Square again”.           

Remember, we are all general in the field for the struggle to liberate the oppressed Niger Delta Region. But the focus has been diverted without clear agenda for our struggle. We were oppressed without consideration for the wealth in our region by the previous administrations in this country, but God in His infinite Mercy turned the glory to Niger Deltans without being struggle to be where we are today, you have used with bomb thread on Mr. President who is innocent about our previous marginalization. Leave President Goodluck Jonathan alone to stir the ship of leadership in the country. We know ourselves. Note, if any bomb blast as a result of this October 1st Independence day celebration occurred and you (MEND) claim responsibility, we shall not hesite to meet you one on one. We know your true identities in the struggle. We know our homes. None of us come from different countries.           

Remember, to thank our miracle God for what he has done for us as being oppressed to rule this country. Go and confront Bako Haram Sect in the North because Niger Delta man is the President today. Have you (MEND) asked if it were a northerner to have emerged as president, will they have bombed Abuja with suicide mission? Think twice of your decision to bomb Abuja again. We are also warning Boko Haram to stop further bombing to distract Mr. President because after the expiration of our 14 days ultimatum, we’ll commence our launching, code name “Operation meet Boko Haram in their land.”

This is our message.



  1. Pls ureports try and edit press statements, news stories etc sent to you before publishing them though no one is above mistake. For the MEND threat, all and sundry should b cautious. I c the threat as a decoy. State governors should put enough security in and around venues for the celebration of Nigeria’s 51 Independence. Places where pple go to drink, eat and catch fun should also b watched as we are not going to worry ourselves with the latest threat but be cautious of Boko Haram, as I have a feeling they may strike to revenge the plight of their suspected members who are in police net. Thanks.

    • Hear you. So, mend’s threat- which was carried out last year- is just a decoy, while Boko Haram is serious. Be objective. Both should be taken seriously as they have shown their capacity earlier, though for different reasons. While MEND is for material gain- which it has been getting anyway, that of Boko Haram is ideological.

  2. i do not know what you people see and believe. i think MEND and all other Niger Delta’s Militants should come together as one and fight against this Boko haram surgence. It is a menance and can be stopped only if our corrupt and greedy leaders choose to stop it.

  3. Hmm!Imbeciles. What has Boko Haram got to do with two Deltan terrorists fighting each other? We dont want any terrorist group, whether theirs is the president or not.


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