PhotoNews: The Shame at the Federal Ministry of Information & Communication


The fight to end corruption and mismanagement of funds in Nigeria appears to remain a lip service to calm the nerves of the international community who have proven to have the powers that Nigerian official bow to. This is as Wikileaks have exposed through its website how our leaders jostle to reach the Ambassadors of the United State of America to gossip over their activities in and around the Aso Rock. through its examinations of the various Federal Ministries of the federation has come to the educated conclusion that the symptoms of Nigeria’s administrative maladies lie within the manner the Ministry mismanages its most basic infrastructure – its offices.

In this PhotoNews – we present the Office of the Minister of Information and Communication – which is housed at the Radio House in Garki 11, Abuja, the Capital of the Nation. According to official records, the 2011 Federal Budget gave N3o.395billion [N30,395,813,605] to the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication.

Out of the N30.395billion budgeted for the entire Ministry, N65.6million [N65,638,689] was earmarked for Utilities and N261.6million [N261,608,979] was earmarked for Maintenance Services – a total of N367million for Utilities and Maintenance.

Click here to view the 2011 Budget for the Ministry.

View the picture gallery. It shows the dilapidated nature of the insfrastructures within the Ministry. It shows the lavatories and the Canteens as wanting and indicative of financial foulplay on the part of the managers of the Ministry. The current Federal Minister for Information and Communication is Malam Maku Labaran, he was formerly the Minister of State in the Ministry.

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