Gang Rape: “Give Us One Vital Information” – Police Commissioner Pleads With Rape Victim


Plead to the victim to give one vital information that will make us round up the gang within the next 24 hours. There is all indication that she nows at least one of the gang member. She could conceal her identity for now but not that of her assailants. God help us. We are still working on other leads though.” – stated the Police Commissioner in Abia State, Bala Abdullahi Hassan in response to over inquiry on the status of the gang rape investigation.

News reports from other news meduims indicate that some gender based non governmental organizations have made contact with the girl [victim] and have initiated some form of rehabilitation. Against this backdrop, the Police Commissioner of Abia State sought to reach out to the victim through any meduim of her choice to help untangle the knot in the case. Commissioner Hassan, in talking with urged for anyone with contact to the victim to please reach out to the police. In his words, “I don’t know the girl. Please urge her to come forward for only her testimony will make dispensation of Justice faster. She may even block her number and pass the names of the offenders to my GSM or any security agent“.   

Meanwhile, there appears turmoil brewing within the top ranking aides to the governor of Abia State concerning the media mis-management of the gang rape fiasco. As our source indicates, some within Gov T. A. Orji’s cabinet believe that the media handlers of the government failed badly in their response to the gang rape video. The source said that some are livid with the brute manner the State Governor dismissed the gang rape of a young Igbo girl [by young men alleged to be students of Abia State University] without an inquiry to determine the validity of the claim. “They just dismissed the gang rape of a young Igbo girl as “not important” to the administration of T. A. Orji”, the governors aide complained. He further reveals that the Governor is unhappy – and is considering a minor reshufflement – soon as the gang rape crisis subsides.

In a related development, sought the  reaction of the President General [PG] of the apex Igbo Organization worldwide, Ohaneze Ndigbo, in the person of Mazi Uwechue – to the gang rape of an Igbo girl by five young men. On the telephone, Uwechue was quick to dismiss the gang rape citing that the Governor had already dismissed it as activities of miscreants. When informed by our correspondent that the Governor had made an about-turn on the gang rape, he responded that he needed more time. 

And since Saturday September 24, 2011, when our correspondent spoke with Uwechue, he has yet to formulate a response nor what the apex Igbo organization in Nigeria intends to do to facilitate the arrest of the culprit or the rehabilitation of the victim. [Call him @ 0803 310 8763 and ask him what Ohaneze intends to do]



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