Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission Chairman indicted & Sacked


Information available to indicates that the Anambra State House of Assembly has indicted the Chairman of the Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission [ANSIEC], Prof Titus Eze for financial impropriety – and has booted the Chairman out of the top seat in ANSIEC.

As gathered, the Speaker of the Anambra State Assembly, Hon. Chinwe Nwabili of Ogbaru local government area, during a House seating today read a written document stating that the Chairman has been indicted for misappropriating N100million. The written document which the Speaker read at 1:30pm announced that the Chairman was being removed from the seat for further investigations. The House voted on the motion to sack the Chairman 24 [yes] and 0 [no].

The findings of the State Assembly followed an internal audit launched by the Anambra State government into the financial activities of the many ministries and parastatals of the Anambra State government. The audit which was conducted over a period of several months discovered that the Chairman was handed N100million for award of contracts relating to the electoral activities – but he managed to only award N6million worth of contracts.

The Chairman of ANSIEC, Prof Eze was not present at the House Seating today at the State Assembly Chambers in Awka.  In talking to the Chairman of ANSIEC, he expressed shock on the news of his sacking. He denied having been given N100million by the State but noted that he was aware that the ANSIEC was being audited. Prof Eze added also that he was not sent a copyof the audit, and that he is aware that “someone” in the State wants himout of the way so that “they can conduct a kangaroo” council elections.

With the sacking of the Chairman, the tantetively scheduled council polls in Anambra State for November 4, 2011 faces another postponement. The present administration of Anambra State has yet to hold a council election since it mounted the seat of governance in March 2006.

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  1. I am disappointed on de whole members of house of Assembly they re simply rubber stamp for peter,de man is innocent,why sacking him now? Just to accomplish their evil plan towards de council election.We re waiting for him

  2. This is a clear evidence that members of house of assembly of anambra re evil group used by peter obi for evil purposes,prof God will fight for u,they want to rig de local gov election that’s why they removed u don’t mind them they are all thieves

  3. This is utter rubbish….this is a man who has been the Federal INEC chairman for Cross River, Jigawa, Abia, and Kwara states, and was begged to take this job. Back the he was touted to be the successor to the late Guobadia, before Andy Uba and co brought their friend prof Iwu to the stage.

    Peter Obi is not ready to do the electiosn, and having exhausted all avenues to delay, had allowed the house to do his dirty job. The house guys unfortunately are mostly newbies and hungry tarts, hence can be easily bought to do “wet jobs” for a cheap price.

    I know for a fact that the eve of the former houses’ confirmation of this came appointment, an attempt was made to kidnap Prof Eze at his residence while he was going for morining mass and absolutely nothing was done about it.

    theres no hope for Anambra, if cheap charlatans are allowed to be in positions of authority….

  4. God will save Anambra State pple from tyrant Peter Obi. We are very unfortunate to have him as our Gov. However 2014 is around the corner. Prof Eze should defend himself for I am sure he is being used to achieve some evil intentions. The Gov does not want to conduct the LG election. Simple and short.

  5. I pity Anambrarians who doesn’t know my brother peter,de worst tin they hv done wz voting him into power,they misunderstood his quiet attitude for goodness,if peter say stop pls begin to run bt if he say run pls stay where u re,there is never truth in him i know him well he is my brother.Na laugh i dey laugh Anambra people.

  6. My brother i agree with u,it must never be well with peter,de prof of all people,de man they begged to take de job now see how they wan to disgrace him b/c of dubious act to rig election,GOD will punish all of them by fire


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