You Are A Cheap Blackmailer – Group Slams Ben Bruce

You Are A Cheap Blackmailer – Group Slams Ben Bruce

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You Are A Cheap Blackmailer – Group Slams Ben Bruce

Our attention has been drawn to the baseless, cheap and careless allegation leveled against uncommon Senator Godswill Akpabio by Twitter-Senator Ben Bruce claiming that Chief Akpabio masterminded the incidence that took place at the National Assemble today.

How can a Senator with the right frame of mind allege that Chief Akpabio is the instigator of the crisis that took place at the National Assembly and then rely on such cheap blackmail to petion the American and the British Embassies in Nigeria; asking them to revoke uncommon Senator Akpabio’s visas.

If dishonourable Senator Ben Bruce has any personal issue with Chief Akpabio, we ask him to look elsewhere to express his bitter feelings towards him and not use the incidence at the National Assembly to blackmail him cheaply.

Senator Akpabio has served this country in various capacities and has never been found wanton or involved in any undemocratic process and we therefore wonder how dishonourable Senator Ben Bruce came up with his false allegation against him.

Hence, we found the allegation by dishonourable Senator Ben Bruce against Chief Akpabio as not only offensive but also a desperate attempt to discredit and disparage him before the right thinking members of the public.

We understand that Ben Bruce has some issues to settle with the Federal Government concerning his mind boggling debt to the Asset Management Company of Nigeria and is desperately looking for a helper who will help him avoid being declared bankrupt as well as taking over his companies.

We therefore urge the American and the British Embassies in Nigeria to ignore dishonourable Senator Bruce over his senseless utterances as that is a sign of a drowning man.

From his various utterances, we are not sure if he does not have an infirmity of the mind because we have watched him over the years and have not seen any meaningful contribution from him other than sleeping around with our young girls in the name of organising beauty pageants.

We therefore advice Mr. Ben Bruce to consult his Doctor before his madness goes out of control.

Signed by Barrister Innocent Edward,
National Coordinator,
National Youths Vanguard for Democracy

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