10th Bauchi State House Of Assembly Leadership


…Patriotic citizens of the state wants Mai Rakumi as minority leader

From Umar Usman Duguri

The 2023 election is seemingly over in 2/3 states of Nigeria. What is now at the moment is the leadership tussle for various house and federal assemblies for a smooth running of governance as enshrined in the constitution of the country.

Interestingly, Bauchi state, as usual voted new set of lawmakers to represent them at the state 10th house of assembly for good decorum and better relationship between the executive and the legislative arm of government as fairly seen in the incumbent 9th assembly maintained amity to favor the masses of Bauchi state enjoyed the lofty programs of governor Bala Mohamed in the last four years of his first tenure. That is why governor Bala Mohamed become recipients of multiple awards in his commensurate of his immeasurable  social services and infrastructural development that spark plug the twenty local government areas of Bauchi state with fidelity, these and more was  the compliment of the popular Bauchi state amalgamation of “Patriotic citizens of the state”, who over the years dedicates themselves to service to humanity and development of the state, which is the cardinal principle of its registered objective.

The group of “Patriotic citizens of Bauchi state” headed by comrade Dahiru Musa, appeal to stakeholders, members-elect or return re-elected to massively adopt  Honorable Mubarak Haruna popularly known as “MAI RAKUMI” as the 10th state house of assembly Minority leader during a press conference yesterday in  Bauchi, considering his nurtured leadership experience especially about lawmaking and a good representation in the opportunities he had that earn him the acceptability of his Jama’are constituency to beat the outgoing incompetent and benchwarmer who didn’t make a single contribution despite availability of funds at his disposal and the trust he received during his election.

The group leader further rolls out Mai Rakumi’s achievements before his recent landslide victory to formally represent Jama’are in the incoming house of Assembly as an outstanding considering positive impact to the socio economic wellbeing of the people he over two decade salvage himself to their service. The achievement are; securing employment for hundreds of youth in a lucrative places so as to replicate it to the younger ones whenever the need arises as well as reducing the menace of restiveness. Renovation/drilling of Borehole in almost all the existing communities in Jama’are which was part of the resolution taken and observed as the NEED of every living soul based on its importance.

In the areas of social service Mai Rakumi has succeeded in partnering with relevant rehabilitation bodies to rehabilitate abandoned/ victim of drug abuse to a better life that include among other things scholarships from kindergarten to tertiary institutions. Therefore, the coming of Mai Rakumi to the next house of Assembly is one of the best awaiting moment people have been praying for, likewise his election as minority leader will undoubtedly make a fair house of assembly thst has the majority of its elected  leaders members of the state ruling PDP  of Governor Bala Mohamed, Mai Rakumi, has number of times pledge to support whatever request the executive arm may brought to favor the good people of the state despite, party difference with the governor.

Isa Abdullahi, another member of the group said “ we believe Mai Rakumi possesses the necessary leadership qualities to effectively steer the affairs of the minority and work collaboratively with his colleagues to address the pressing challenges facing our state.

“ His track record  of integrity, accountability and inclusiveness makes him the ideal person to head the minority and to promote the common good.

Recently, in a media chart response to the group’s called, Mai Rakumi, told newsmen that, “ governor Bala Mohamed is my Father not my governor alone, he is one of the best people I mentoring from their leadership style for years, therefore, I promise myself, I will consolidate the vision of the governor to chart a better way for the continuity development of the state. Allah knows, my intention is good and development of Bauchi state our incumbent governor is doing in changing the narrative of the state, that is why I made it a promise not a pledge to be fair and just in consolidating the good urban renewal project work the governor is doing that attract him commendation from all and sundry including president Muhammadu Buhari that applauded the governor for judicious utilization of the state’s resources with visible projects when he came to the state during the last visit of the president to the state.

On the called by the patriotic citizens of the state, I wholeheartedly thank them for seeing the qualities in meto be the minority leader based on my previous record of representation at various points and fora. Insha Allah, I won’t disappoint them in whatever capacity I found myself because, it is the people that brought us to where we are and we are living our life for them.



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