Nigerians Have Overrated Wole Soyinka – Ohanaeze Youth President


Someone who initiated Pirate Cult that has taken over 1.8m Nigerian Youths is not a responsible man, but a mere overrated gangster.

He instituted a social evil cult that have eliminated over 1.8m Nigeria Youths at various universities across Nigeria.

Wole Soyinka may have good command of English language but Igboayaka O Igboayaka is above him in intellectualism. No language is superior than the other, and knowing a particular language is the least yardstick to score intelligence. Many Chinese that have invented many things, don’t speak or know English language. Does it make Wole Soyinka ahead of a Chinese Inventors?

During the Biafra Genocide against Ndigbo in 1967/70 many weapons used by Biafran Soldiers were locally made by some university graduates and undergraduates. Does speaking English make Wole Soyinka ahead of Igbo Engineers/ Inventors whose intellectualism made it possible to invent war weapons during the War?

Wole Soyinka life style have not even moulded Nigeria society, but it was just social-ills and life of gangsterism he introduced in the university system.

Wole Soyinka noble prize was a mere honor on misconception of Intellectualism. He lack Nobility and integrity.

To what extent has Wole Soyinka literal works tackled or solved the problem of Nigeria?

What has he offered on the table of national cause?

Those literal works which of the sectors of the government of Nigeria has it cause effectiveness? Even our education system is the most poorest in Africa. Ghana is now ahead of Nigeria.

Wole Soyinka has not lead an effective peace mission in Nigeria!

In the political landscape of Nigeria Wole Soyinka is ineffective and unproductive

Noble Prize, Noble Prize, what has it offered to the economic or political survival of Nigeria?

Wole Soyinka is among Men of many awards yet living in a stinking corrupt Country for 88 years, no economic or political impact, yet at the very last minute of his life he could key into a new productive Nigeria, all he can do is to speak grammar.

Noble Prize that could not shape the political and economic future of Nigerians is an ordinary mere title.

Wole Soyinka is an ordinary playwright whose works couldn’t add value to political and economic growth of Nigeria.

These old men of Wole Soyinka type should bow down in shame, their generation is a huge and irredeemable disappointment to Nigeria.

Wole Soyinka saw many things wrong with four years of Administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, but didn’t see any wrong with 8 years of President Mohammadu Buhari and charade fraudulent election conducted by Prof Mahmood Yakubu.

We have made a mistake,  believing that knowing English language is a yardstick of Intellectualism. If you live in this belief,  kindly repent now, because Wole Soyinka has proven you wrong.

There’s chronic mental behavior that will always disagree with Intellectual disposition of a person.

For me I don’t hold Intellectuals or Wealthy People High without first examining their ” INTEGRITY”

In fact I am always intoxicated with integrity, I am socially drunk with integrity.

My value for people is the Content of their “CHARACTER” not INTELLECTUALISM” You can’t be more wizardry or intellectual than LUCIFER, but I don’t value him.

It may take “Intellectualism to make a LAW, but keeping of Law requires more of “INTEGRITY” & “CHARACTER”

“Men of Honor and nobility don’t break the Law, but they can be found in the cycle that made the law”

Sentimentalism and Biasness messes a man’s Intellectualism up.

If you must reach to the class of “REAL MEN” you must have conquered these three things;


Fear makes someone to lie, Sentiment makes some to compromise and Greed makes someone to steal.

Prof Wole Soyinka’s statement have summarized  that he is yet to conquer FEAR, SENTIMENT AND GREED in his life time even at his age.

Comrade Igboayaka O Igboayaka

National President Ohanaeze Youth Council OYC



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