Alex Otti: Evil Scheme In Abia State


– Both Governor And His Deputy Are From The Same Abia North Senatorial Zone, From The Same Arochukwu Small Clan

Civil Society has discovered an evil scheme in the just concluded Gubernatorial Election in Abia State . Contrary to misguided and misdirected public opinion of Igbos in particular on Abia State, the just concluded Guber Elections in Abia State is a farce , a schemed illogicality orchestrated by the hawks from Abia North and possibly Umuahia , the rest non Abians living at Abia used to achieve a satanic arrangement against the largest clan of Igbo tribe found in Abia State.

Before now, the trump up charge against Okezie Ikpeazu , which however is preposterous on far and near distant examination, was that Ikpeazu picked another Ngwa man to succeed him. But we know that Ngwas cut across two Senatorial zones of the state which makes it soundly equitable for Ngwa from Central Senatorial zone to succeed Ikpeazu.

But if that argument was seen as jaundiced, it was a small fry compared to the satanic evil scheme by Alex Oti and his Abia North political ineptitudes whose know it all is Ngwaphorbia.

No person in Abia State , from Abia North, even from larger Igboland has spoken to condemn this humongous anomaly and fiendish manourver against equity and Justice in Abia State where Oti and his Deputy are from the same Abia North Senatorial Zone, from the same Arochukwu in particular.

Now, what justifiable reason could have prompted this? What is the only propeller is nothing but the same Ngwaphorbia by all Igbos against the Ngwas whenever demand for justice is called into play.

But the same Igbos are accusing Nigerians of Igbophorbia , whereas Igbos are guilty of collective Ngwaphorbia within the Igbo polity.

How can one rationalize this now in Abia State?

What seed is now being sown in Abia State?

Why has Ohanaeze Ndigbo kept quiet?
Why have Ohanaeze Elders kept quiet?
Why have Igbo Activists kept quiet ?


Unnecessary and unmerited glory and unfounded encomium have been showered on this woman who is a champion of Ngwaphorbia.

This Oti is the sister to the Alex Oti. She is from Afikpo, but not from Afikpo.

What an oxymoron ?
Yes, Mrs Oti is not from Afikpo, though living in Afikpo. The Returning Officer– Mrs Oti , is from Arochukwu , but residing at Afikpo, and as a typical Aro person, claims indigenedship of Afikpo , which was used maximally by Abia North to move all other Igbos and non Igbos residing at Aba and Umuahia to vote out Okechukwu Ahiwe of PDP for the political rolling stone called Alex Oti.

So, the trio of: Alex Oti as Governor elect, Deputy Governor elect as well as Returning officer for the Guber Election , are All from the same Abia North , from the same very small Clan of Arochukwu.

Has any Igboman or Igbowoman countered or condemned it?

Ofcourse Not because Ngwa interest is concerned. Rather what Igbos did was to organize a wild and elaborate reception at Owerri , at FUTO for the Ngwaphorbic Returning Officer at FUTO for the Ngwaphorbia job well done to oust Okechukwu Ahiwe from Ngwaland.


Ngwaland used communal effort to train Alex Oti when his father died at Umuvuru Nvosi, in Isi also Ngwa South. His father was so dedicated to God that it was said he has Angelic visitation. He was so loved by Ngwas that when he died , when Alex Oti was too young as a student, community effort was called into play to help train Alex Oti.

When Oti became rich, there is nothing at Umuvuru Nvosi that can thank God for the existence of Alex Oti.

Rather what the people of Umuvuru would get from Alex Oti was the Excavation of the bones of his father for Reburial after more than twenty years of death.

Alex Oti excavated the bones of his long dead father , and Re- burried them at Arochukwu, , stating clearly to whosoever cared to Listern , publicly , that he is never an Ngwa person.

Ofcourse no Ngwa prevented Alex Oti from going or Relocating to his place, just as no Ngwa forced Aros to relocate to Ngwaland in the yester years.

But the public lesson here is that Alex Oti publicly denounced Citizenship of Ngwa for Arochukwu when the Ngwas least expected that from him. That was more than twenty years ago.

Then in 2023, for the sake of Election , to spite Ngwas, Alex Oti picked Labour Party form and FILLED that he is from Ngwa in order to forestall the hope of any Ngwa from Isi ala Ngwa becoming the Governor.

Alex Oti now a surrogate Ngwa, Picks his Deputy from the same Arochukwu in Abia North, and went to Lobby INEC Chairman to Make the same Aro the Returning Officer in the Election.

That was how the cookie crumbled in Abia Guber Elections , 2023. But people are jubilating , mostly that Ngwas lost election.

BUT, time will expose all things and heal all wounds.
But Igbos should know as touching Ngwaphorbia that whatever goes round, comes round.

The fate of Igbos in Nigeria , is the fate of Ngwas in Igboland.

He that comes to equity is expected to come in clean hands , except in Igboland whenever Ngwa interest is concerned.

Comrade Kindness Jonah,, Convener,, Voice from the East– VEast

090 8636 5539



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