Abia 2023: Not So Fast Hon. Commissioner, A Wolf Not Allowed to Cry Wolf!

Barrister Eze Chikamnayo

By Ifeanyichukwu E. Uke

My attention was drawn to a press release, or should I say vituperation purportedly credited to Barrister Eze Chikamnayo, the out-going Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Abia State titled “WHY INEC WILL NOT COMMIT ILLEGALITY TO SATISFY ALEX OTTI ‘S DESPERATION FOR POWER” released on March 21, 2023.

The release came across as comical as it smacks of a final watery sound from a sinking ship. Frankly, I seriously doubt that a seasoned and poised learned man in the calibre of Barrister Chikamnayo would concoct such hasty verbiage that smacks of childishness and desperation. Now I totally understand what Adolfo Bioy Casares meant when he contended that “The Sea is endless when you are in a rowboat.” He was seriously talking about the level of sudden desperation that chokingly beheld the present and out-going administration and the party they represent.

I could not fathom such crass and audacious boldness with which the out-going commissioner used to cry wolf where in fact, they are the ones, as a matter of expedient desperation, working round the clock howbeit, aggressively like a hyena a hunter’s bullet hit at the scrotum that is scampering around in pain to hold on to its dear life, in an effort to subvert and distort the long awaited and final sigh of relief of the great men, women and youths of Abia whom the outgoing ruling party held on chokehold for over two decades and running. I hate to be a bearer of bad news to the out-going commissioner; but the heavens ordained it, the earth affirmed it, and the good people of Abia State approved it that Dr. Alexander Chioma Otti is the governor-elect and the incoming Executive Governor of Abia State.

No amount of fake vote manufacturing and intimidation tactics from his camp could possibly distort that. Governor-elect Dr. Otti is here to stay and govern, and govern he will do competently and abundantly well. If you and your cohorts are not down with that…you can relocate to Sambisa forest or any other evil forest of your choice…Abians do not care and will not notice your exit!

Have some dignity and sensitivity sir! Where did you draw the moral and ethical audacity to cry wolf to divert attention away from the actual perpetrators of malpractice – your camp? To add salt to an aching wound, you pulled this stunt of a press release to garner sympathy and empathy from the very pensioners, civil servants, and youths that this administration have callously denied their fundamental rights to quality life and living. Have conscience sir, have conscience!!

Permit me to sound this note of warning to all that are hell-bent on subverting the people’s voice and mandate through intimidation and vote manufacturing as I call the good people of Abia state to resist and reject them all and what they stand for. Enough is enough!!

It is already well with Ala Abia whether the devil and his numerous concubines like it or not and the odds notwithstanding.


Uke writes from Texas, USA



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