Gov Bagudu’s disastrous leadership that derailed Kebbi state

By our correspondent
As 2023 general elections is drawing closer like the death of every living soul, President Muhammadu Buhari and lots of governors will be ending their constitutional period in the office after completing either eight years or seeking for fresh tenure.
This development is setting a record for good or bad, depending on where and which state a Nigerian hailed from. It will be unfair to condemn all the governors for failing their people while in Kebbi State it is not only a failure but a disastrous legacy would be left that will take a while before it will be corrected due to glaring evidences and the state of coma Senator Bagudu will leave it after inheriting a functional system nurtured by his predecessors. Out of will and negative intention Governor Bagudu decided to turn back the clock from going ahead, instead he made it a priority to enrich himself and family members a the expenses of the poor masses that cannot challenge him or prosecute him after leaving office since the unpatriotic elites in the state have been bribed to keep silent on contemporary issues in the state.
It is on record him Governor Atiku Bagudu is the least performing governor in Nigeria, his poor record of governor make the state discouraged investor from coming to the state to invest. A system that favor kith and kins. The critical areas of development have been in quagmire, for instance; Education sector in kebbi state has never in the history of the state recorded a major setback as its witnessing under Bagudu’s failed administration. Apart from the billions of naira annually budgeting to the gimmickry sector and other sources from Federal government, loans and UN to boost qualitative knowledge in the state instead, Bagudu’s failed government remain the source for many students to be dropped because of none payment of WAEC and NECO examination. In the past government t used to be paying the both examination fees to the candidate considered the level of hardships and economic stress the people are battling for daily meals while some cannot afford the three square meal in a day. Unarguably, the I don’t care attitudes of the government necessitated the increasing number of out of school children to an index it never befalls. This development government ignites some politicians and representative members to come in and rescue the future of the students by paying them for either the WAEC or NECO examination to compete with their peers. The kebbians are saying praise and thanks to Senator Adamu Aliero for support after being skeptical and pessimistic about their educational future. Kebbi state civil servants and traditional rulers r under the threat of Governor Atiku Bagudu, popularly known as political dictator based on his style or leadership that has no difference with the military rule, any civil servants or traditional rule who fail to support APC anointed candidate Nasir Idris known as NUT will certainly face the wrath of the governor, which was a most difficult task to any person to sales NUT to the people of kebbi state, an ordinary class teacher from Kalgo primary school before his appointment as chairman national union of teachers (NUT) , has no any political structure and never engaged in active politics at any level that can be relayed on to win election or provides the effective service to the people if become a governor.At the spate major political forces and stake holders decamping from the ruling party to the PDP the future of APC government in kebbi state is so slim to win any political position. According to one Malam Musa Garba, all the forces that stand and fought for Bagudu to governed are now in the PDP, people like Hon. Bello Relisco, Bala sani Kangiwa, Alh. Sani dododo, Dealer Kamba, Abba Allero, including the two serving senators Adamu Allero and Dr. Yahaya Abdullahi are also Governor Bagudu’s blood brother Bello Bagudu and Alh. ibrahim Mera, Bunun Jega, Ibrahim Bawa Kamba and many of them. So politically there is no miracle that Bagudu can apply to defeat these group of people in kebbi politics, they are the machinery of kebbi politics.Any good government has to give special consideration to the health and education sector of its people. In spite of billions of naira budgeting every year to the health care system in the state the ministry is also getting support from UN, SAVE the children, UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO and NGOs. Desert Herald recently visit to general hospital Danku wasagu local government area council, and other centers the issue is not only sympathetic but it’s also a pathetic and horrible from the original concept as they are not only dilapidated, but are also unable to serve their purposes. The story was the same in everywhere mostly in rural areas, who doesn’t have access to road whilst some are far from the urban city like in the case of unfortunately, many hospitals has become a morbid secondary healthcare centers in fact the people of the community and environs can attest to the fact that lots of states existing hospitals has no longer functional. Going further into the premises, no units has serviceable equipment even the mortuary is no more functional. The building is equally abandoned. The pharmacy is not well stocked with patient required to get their drugs from any private pharmacy. The waste disposal method is also sordid, it’s all emptied in a shoddy pita d burnt periodically. The ambulance and the generator in the hospital is no more serviceable as if they are abandoned for long.Aside these entire if had the wards been located in the urban area, it would have been overtaken by hoodlums. One cannot call the place a hospital rather a death waiting environment. For those that have the privilege they have to take their patient to Zuru a 150km travel or to federal medical center Birnin kebbi a nearly 400km travel before they can get quality Medicare.Apart from that, the primary problem that is virtually threatening the health care services in all the hospital visited is lack of manpower and service delivery. Confirmed to DH by the staff of the ministry of health who said the situation is unfortunate that we are experiencing two form of wastage with this abandoned/ decay facility and government inability to generate employment to feel the gab.
In view of the disastrous record and negligence by Governor Atiku Bagudu, the good people of Kebbi state need explanation of the following money received and spent without justification from initial.
 1-N890 billion federal allocation 2015
2- 35 billion IGR 2015 to date
3- 20 billion Paris club refund
4- 14 Billion Anchor borrower
5- 12 billion COVID-19 interventions, Not talk of other billions as loan from banks.
If governor Bagudu can respond to these claims, certainly, he will have a word to tell the people that trust him.


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