Sen Bala Mohammed Hails Nigerian Workers, Urges Them To Remain Committed To Nation Building


The leading PDP presidential aspirant and the Consensus Candidate of the North, Sen Bala Mohammed, has hailed the courageous spirit of Nigerian workers on the occasion of the historic May Day celebration and with regard to the anti labour policies of the current APC government. The Bauchi state Governor lamented that even as Nigerian workers have never had it so bad in living memory with all the university workers still on strike and millions of workers living below the poverty line, they have kept faith with the nation.

In a statement issued by the Spokesman of Sen Bala Mohammed Presidential Campaign Organization, Prof Udenta O Udenta, Sen Bala Mohammed, further enjoins Nigerian workers to remain committed to the ideals of nationhood and nation- building in spite of the debilitating conditions of labour in today’s Nigeria. Sen Mohammed reassures Nigerian workers that their welfare and other core interests are fully captured in his NIGERIA FIRST Governance Vision which he will rapidly begin implementing upon securing the PDP ticket, winning the 2023 presidential election and being sworn into office.

“Bala Mohammed understands that the industry, hard work and productivity of Nigerian workers are the lifelines of the Nigerian economy and the bedrock on which it rests. The welfare of the workers will inevitably be the necessary catalyst in rejuvenating the maribound economy of Nigeria. As Bala Mohammed has already carried out successfully in Bauchi State in his pro-workers’ labour policies, he will be able to expand the same experience to the country in general”, stated the Spokesperson.



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