Markets, Schools to open Monday as Biafra Warriors step in to end sit-at-home


By Favour Goodness

Schools, markets and transpoters across the five states of the South East have been mobilized to return to business as Biafra Indegenous Warriors step in to ensure compliance to end of sit-at-home order on Mondays.

The issue of Monday sit-at-home which has long been suspended by the IPOB has refused to end as the people fear for their lives following violence which has trailed the violation at some point.

But the intervention of Biafra groups especially the Biafra Warriors is expected to provide security and return the confidence and courage of the people.

Speaking, the leader of Biafra Indegenous Warriors, Bro Ndubuisi Igwekani popularly known as Agu Biafra said pro Biafra groups have decided to come out and end the Sit-at-home.

“Our position is that anything sit-at-home is suspended. And anybody harassing people in the South East in the name of enforcing sit-at-home is nothing but a criminal and should be handled like a criminal.

“We reject the continued harassment and intimidation of our people; thus we urge our people to rise and treat such people as criminals.

“The genuine people and lovers of freedom decided to sit-at-home because they were pained that our brother Nnamdi Kanu is being caged and tortured day and night.

“We needed to show our disapproval and displeasure to the security agents, the federal government and Igbo leaders.

“But when we found out that our enemies wants to hijack the sit-at-home and use it to terrorize the innocent lovers of freedom we decided to suspend it.

“So I don’t see the reason why our people should be continuously be harassed.

Agu Biafra said that all markets, okada and trycicle operators, transpoters, schools and their unions have Consequently been mandayed to get back to their businesses on Monday.

“We also spoke to the churches to tell their congregations to go out for their businesses. The Indegenous Biafra Warriors are on ground to sure that nobody is molested.

“So we are urging our people to come out and end this madness. Anybody doing anything on the contrary is a criminal. That is our position. And we are ready to come out Monday and end it, once and for all.”

While some states had long resumed businesses on Mondays, Anambra is one of the states that has failed to take the bold step.

The Biafra Warriors has thus listed Anamba as one of the top areas that needs support to end the Monday sit-at-home.



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