Security Agencies Should Stop Indiscriminate Arrest Of Youths In Ebonyi & Imo States – IPOB


We the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, strongly condem the action of the Nigeria security operatives embarking on mass and indiscriminate arrests of Biafran youths in Ebonyi State particularly in Ebia Unuhu community, and tagging them Estern Security Network ESN operatives and IPOB members to kill them. This evil agenda was in retaliation of the mob action by youths against one Bosco hotel in Abakaliki suspected to be involved in some unwholesome activities.

The owner of the Bosco Hotel hails from Ebia Unuhu. His community people accused him of masterminding the killing one man and decided to burn down his hotel. Now the mob has been tagged ESN and IPOB members. The security agencies went to his community to do random arrests branding the arrested victims ESN and IPOB members

The attitude of the Nigeria security agencies with the collaboration of traitors in Biafra land to demonise IPOB and ESN and unleash terror on innocent Biafra youths must stop. Fulani bandits and terrorists ravage the North and Northern youths are not harrased or even arrested for the atrocities of these Killers but anytime there is any issue in Biafra land innocent Biafran youths are made to pay for what they know nothing about. It’s wickedness taken too far.


Nigeria should stop killing Biafran youths especially of Igbo extraction branding them ESN and IPOB. This secret genocide must stop.

Well we understand their desperation. They know Biafra is about to be fully restored, that is why they want to kill as many youths as they can before we leave Nigeria but our God will frustrate them. World leaders know IPOB and ESN are not terrorists. The music will soon play to our delight.

Nigeria security agencies created terrorists group which they use to carry out terrorists activities in Biafra land in their desperation to implicate IPOB and ESN.



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