Gov. Umahi is technically sponsoring Fulani herdsmen’s to slaughter Ndigbo – Ohaneze youths


By Favour Goodness

The Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC), the apex youth organization in Igboland has frowned at Gov. David Umahi of Ebonyi state unwarranted silence on the inhumane activities of dreaded Fulani herdsmen Killers.

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They described Umahi’s inaction as anti-Igbo and a pure sign of collaboration with the dangerous killers ravaging Ebonyi and Enugu states as well as other parts of Igboland.

Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, Nationality President of the Council made the observation during the meeting of Coalition of Nigeria Indigenous Ethnic in Abuja on Thursday.

He said that Gov. Umahi being the Chairman of South-East Governors Forum is the brain behind the unwillingness of other Igbo governors to join hands in floating a community based vigilante network across Igboland in order to stop the ravaging Fulani herdsmen terrorising our communities and farm lands.

Igboayaka stressed that Ebubeagu Security Network was structurally mismanaged on its formation, and the resignation of Gen. Umahi(Rtd) as the Chairman of the security committee of Southeast was also as a result of sabotage by Gov. David Umahi.

“It’s with utmost dismay, that General Umahi(Rtd) a direct brother of Gov. David Umahi resigned from being the Chairman of Southeast security committee with a may excuse of lack of fund. Ndigbo are wise and intelligent to be deceived by craftiness of Gov. David Umahi,” he said.

Igboayaka added that Gov. Umahi should explain to Ndigbo how his brother resigned from such sensitive responsibility due to lack of funds.

He said Gov. Umahi has shown timidity, insincerity, craftiness and open sabotage over the lives and Property of Ndigbo especially the Ebonyians who are always victims of fulani herdsmen attacks including beheading, raping of women and more.

“Ebonyi has recorded the highest victim of fulani herdsmen killers followed by Enugu state, yet Gov. Umahi has blocked every reasonable solution to stop the killing of Igbos in Ebonyi State”, Igboayaka Stated.

According to him, Ohanaeze Youth Council therefore, call for immediate resignation of Gov. David Umahi as the Chairman of Southeast Governors Forum, and as well stop gambling with the precious lives of Ebonyians in the hands of Fulani Herdsmen killers for selfish political reasons.

It’s obvious that Ebonyi and Enugu are close neighbors to Benue and Kogi, and that the route of influx of fulani herdsmen to Igbo land.

The Southeast Governors should realize that it’s on history that under their watch Ndigbo are being killed, slaughtered, pregnant women butchered in Okpokwu Mgbuji Eha Amufu, Obie Aku, Opanda, Ukpabi Nimbo, Ogwurogwu, Umudikwu, Aloke, Umugwuocha, Mgboko Enugu State, Nwaofa, ugwu achara, nworie izzi, Odoke, Ndiobasi, Obakotara, Egedegede, Obegu and Amuzu communities in Ebonyi had fallen victim of fulani herdsmen killings with over 500 deaths, including over 50 missing people kidnapped by fulani herdsmen.

“It’s a historical betrayal that Gov. Umahi led Southeast governors Forum could go to bed and sleep while Fulani herdsmen have captured the boundaries that linked Ndigbo to Mid-belt.

With this spite high insecurity both internal and external none of the Southeast governors has courage to profile a workable solution to stop their killing of those they Swear to protect their lives and properties.

“This leadership failure by the Southeast governors and other political, religious and traditional actors has resulted to youths taking laws into their hands, and the consequences is nearly leading Alaigbo into anarchy.

“The internal insecurity is in Southeast and break of law and order is the monster that grew up by the negligence of constitutional responsibility of Southeast governors to provide security for their citizens, Igboayaka said.

He said, “If after 60 days and there is no visible evidence of operational and functional community vigilante Watch in Igbo land, we will reaffirm our believe that Gov. Umahi is technically sponsoring Fulani herdsmen’s to slaughter Ndigbo,” Igboayaka added.



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