Umeoji’s Failed Attempt At Removing/Suspending APGA National Chairman – “Childish”


These are not the best of times for the disqualified gubernatorial aspirant, Hon. Umeoji who was reported by sources to have engineered a failed attempt at removing the national chairman of the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] hastily, contravening laid down party constitution and recent Supreme Court declaration stating no political party shall remove or suspend its national chairman without holding/convening a national convention where it shall be voted upon – before reaching such decision to remove or suspend.

A national conference was not convened prior to the announcement.

In the words of a legal luminary who spoke to our correspondent on the fail attempt – “None of the clowns are a national officer of APGA.  …. The names  and faces are totally strange to APGA….. Please note that pursuant to S.223 of the Nigerian constitution 1999 (as amended) the names of national officers of APGA are duly filed and registered with INEC after the national convention wherein they were elected


Reliable sources point directly to Hon. Umeoji as the financier of the group that announced the suspension of the APGA national chairman, Chief Victor Oye. A source also added that some of the aggrieved members of APGA who found themselves schemed out of the goings on – were said to have joined the Umeoji group in plotting the failed attempt at suspending the National Chairman.

His plan was not well thought out, at all. If he had taken a good look at the party rule book and pertinent laws guiding party politics and the process of candidate emergence, he would have not made the mistake he made. He only wasted his money.” Said a source within the APGA leadership structure who also was unhappy with the internal activities of the party but chose to remain a party-man and abide by the rule book – and wait for his day. The source explained that the party is at liberty to take decisions that may rub the aspirants and/or members the wrong way. “It is normal”. It does not call for “childish behaviour, the type we are now witnessing in the Peoples Democratic Party”.

Cursory investigation showed Hon. Umeoji had hatch the plot for the removal of the national chairman in the weeks leading up to the screening exercise when it became clear that he may not sail through the screening process. According to reliable but unverified information, Hon. Umeoji had made attempts at reaching out to the leadership of the party concerning his chances. A source alleged he offered financial inducement which was rebuffed.

Following the rebuff, it became certain he was left with limited alternative – either to accept the impending disqualification or fight back. He opted to fight.

At the grassroots level in Anambra, the source of the stench is not doubtful. It points directly to Hon. Umeoji as behind the attack on APGA on the Tuesday morning of June 15, 2021. One of the newspaper readers of Aroma Junction called the failed attempt “storm in a tea cup” – another called it “flash in a pan”.  They unanimously agree Umeoji should accept the party’s decision and move on.


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