An Open Letter To The Elders Of Ime-Obi Ohanaeze Ndigbo As We Go Down On Fisticuffs: Let’s Not Destroy This House


Dear Igbo Patriot,

I am sure that your are set, both mentally and physically for the most tensed gathering of the Sanhendeen of the Igbo nation (Ime-Obi) Ohanaeze Ndigbo today 6th of December, 2020  in our natural headquarters Enugu.

As we all know, this convention is very significant, as it will define the state of the Igbo and ability of our sincerity and ability in facing the existensial threats we face within the Nigerian context. It will also mark the beginning of the end to the colourfu and momentous tenure of the current President-Genera of this August body (Chief John Nnia Nwodo), and the official commencement of the contest for the occupation of 7 Park Avenue National Secretariat.

This meeting which is generating so much fuse would not have been so if our PG, Chief Nnia Nwodo :who without doubt has externally positioned Ohanaeze Ndigbo in a place of pride among the committy of ethnic nations in Nigeria have stuck to the guns of democratic principles. If he has shown cause to  keep the organisation within the bounds of the intents of the founding fathers and not seek to inadvetentedly shift the goal post in the middle of the match.

As a lawyer of many years standing our leader should have known that human societies are governed by body of rules, and Ohanaeze Ndigbo is no exception. We have a constitution. A constitution which stipulates its separation from the political caprices of the political class as represented by the governors. He should know that his decision to ask the governors to nominate two persons each from their states (from the three alloted to each state) is a dangerous signal. THAT DECISION IME-OBI SHOULD REVERSE. Afterall, the south west governors sponsor Afenifere, yet they don’t interfere in the running of the organisation.

Ime-Obi should rise in the spirit of article 10 (V), else it might be “TO YOUR TENTS OH NDIGBO”.

Secondly, ina constituting the Election Committee, persons with known political affiliation MUST not be included. And the powers to nominate its members MUST be returned to the state leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

Thirdly, I must state it here that I foresee a possibility of manipulating the elections of January, 2021 through the inclusion of non-existent and or hurriedly packaged affiliate bodies, hence Ime-Obi MUST state that any affiliate body that didn’t vote at least in the last election MUST NOT vote in the forthcoming one.

Fouthly, for transparency, the number of delegates and their mode of distribution MUST be made known at least three weeks to the election, so we don’t have an opened ended contest

Finally, the states MUST be made to take in and stick to the  letters and spirit of Article 11-20 of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo constitution of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. Nobody SHOULD be foist on Ndigbo as CONSENSUS CANDIDATE, it is totally against the REPUBLICAN SPIRIT of the Igbo nation. AND IME-OBI MUST RESIST IT.

God bless us we do our best to salvage today for the sake of our children and generations yet unborn

Accept the high esteem of my regards

I remain yours sincerely

Odozi Nwodozi

Outgoing President

Ohanaeze Ndigbo FCT chapter.

6th December, 2020.



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