Use pedestrian bridge, it save lives, Enugu Sector Commander tells pedestrians


THE Enugu State Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr Ogbonna Kalu, has advised road users to use pedestrian bridge where it is available, to avoid unnecessary crashes and deaths.

Kalu, who spoke to newsmen on Wednesday, in Enugu on the activities of the sector during this festive season, said using pedestrian bridge save lives.

The FRSC Sector Commander, said that the Sector has stepped up enlightenment campaigns to parks and markets to remind everyone including the drivers the need to be conscious of the road.

He said “My message and message of FRSC to the general public is that we should be mindful of the safety of our lives and property. We should be aware that it is only the living that celebrate. We should also know that this period that we are entering is the most difficult and hard period in the year in this country in terms of Christmas Celebration.

“Everybody is on the road; even learners of vehicles are on the road, people that are not strong enough in terms of driving are on the road; mad man, mad men – any kind of person are on the road and the tendency of trying to meet up becomes the talk of the day.

“So there must be careful the way people move and do their business. Especially to the passengers who are always in a hurry, who will also drag drivers to involve themselves in one kind of accident or the other. 

“They must be aware that their lives have no duplicate. That in the cause of moving on the road from one end to the other safely if you see a driver driving dangerously your duty is to caution the driver not to ask the him to continue because you are late for one assignment or the other.

“Let us caution the driver because of our life and others. Many people are widows, widowers, orphans today because of recklessness on the part of the driver.” 

He added, “for the pedestrians who move on the road, they must also be conscious of the way they use the road, the way they cross the road; where there is a pedestrian bridge I advise that people should endeavour to use it. It saves life. So it takes your time to cross the road using that pedestrian bridge but it save a lot of things.”

Kalu, however, enjoined vehicle owners to always ensure that their vehicles were in good order before putting it on the road, adding “a lot of accidents are happening because of mechanically deficient vehicles being found on the road.”       



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