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Nanka Crisis – Amako Village Pulls Out From Town Union; Disowns Onowu And Press Statement By Igwe Ezeilo



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The attention of Amako Village, Nanka Town in Orumba-North L. G. A., Anamba State has been drawn to a press conference organized by Igwe G. O. Ezeilo and Chief Paul Chinedu for themselves and on behalf of the Town Union, Nanka Patriotic Union (hereinafter referred to as the ‘NPU’) on 29th day of August 2020 claiming that all is well in Nanka; and Amako Village hereby disassociates herself from such misleading information. We state that the said press conference was a ploy to cover-up obvious disunity, manipulation, abuse of rights, lies, deceit, embezzlement, lawlessness and injustice being orchestrated on hapless Nanka indigenes, its institutions and the general public by the Nanka Patriotic Union on the prompting of its cabals. The said bogus claim is a clear misrepresentation of real facts on the ground and as such misleading. Amako as part of conscionable Nanka indigenes yearning for peace in Nanka have moral duty to debunk the window dressings press conference designed by the conveners to cover up the obvious crisis in the town.

It is obvious in Nanka that some individuals hijacked the peaceful Nanka and introduced divide and rule kind of disorders that is rocking the boat of the town for years now. They created new ghost Nanka that is not Real Nanka by carving new structures to manipulate the affairs of Nanka. They suppress accountability and stifle opposition to suit their misadventure. They in place of liberty, instate oppression and suppression. They turn around to paint pictures of peace when there is none. They bank on the fact that Nanka is traditionally not known to degenerate into physical combats as evidence of lack of peace. NPU and its cabals are oppressors.

Amako as a village has been bearing the brunt of the machinations of NPU and its cabals. They (NPU) swore never to allow Amako village get whatever that is due to her. Amako village is presently seeking redress in court over the injustice meted out to her as the rightful village to present/produce the current Onowu Nanka in line with the extant Nanka Town and Chieftaincy Constitution (2011) which states clearly that the Onowu Nanka shall always be selected from the next village that will produce Igwe. However, because Amkor Village is presently not privileged to produce cabals who are pulling shots for Nanka Patriotic Union, Amakor was denied her right to produce the instant Onowu. Instead, the NPU, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo and the cabals surreptitiously coroneted one Chief Kofi Obijiofor from a younger village to Amako Onowu Nanka on 16/8/19. Sad enough, the NPU, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo and the cabals are today making unconscionable and highly provocative boast, jest and mockery that Amako has nobody. To celebrate the mockery, they called a press conference and make bold to ‘declare’ peace in Nanka forgetting that peace is not achieved by ‘decree’.

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On our part, Amakor village has done everything humanly possible to prevail on the NPU and Igwe Ezeilo to follow the constitution, culture and tradition of Nanka in handling Amako issues but all such efforts were ignored by same bloc that holds Nanka hostage. Being so neglected and in view of the fragrant breach of a Constitution NPU made for herself, Amakor as the 4th Village in Nanka left Nanka Patriotic Union and withdrew her loyalty to Igwe Godwin Ezilo effective from 1/8/2019. That position shall continue until Amako is given her due rights and respect. That is also what led to Amako’s Suit No. AG/74/2020 between Mr. Obinna Ilo & 4 Ors V. Igwe Godwin Ezilo & 7 Ors pending before the Anambra State High Court, Aguata Division.

The provocative treatment on Amako village by NPU leadership is countless. It is sad to note that Amakor village has been unjustly marginalized by NPU which is controlled by some rich and influential people in Nanka as a cabal. For instance, it is on record that in 2008, Anambra State Government paid for the construction of class room blocks at the Community Primary School, Amakor. The Leadership of NPU embezzled the money and had not completed that class room block till date while all such projects have been completed by all the towns in Anambra State. The current Onowu Nanka is Amakor’s birth and constitutional rights being the rightful village to produce the Onowu in the order of seniority but the NPU, Igwe and power-drunk Nanka cabals unjustly took it away from Amakor and gave it to the junior village (Umudala) contrary to the age-long tradition, precedence and the NPU constitution.  Nanka Patriotic Union and Igwe Godwin Ezilo at the dictates of the cabals have attempted to set up a parallel government in Amakor even when Amako is not having any internal leadership crisis. Their pain is simply because Amakor indigenes are unanimous in demanding for our right – Onowu Nanka. As a checkmate, the NPU and her cabals came in with their divide and rule system. They have succeeded in instituting this system in almost all villages. The system has torn Nanka apart to the advantage of the NPU and her cabals.

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Recently in July 2020, Amakor’s renegades acting as the NPU, Igwe Godwin Ezilo and Nanka cabals’ minions forcibly broke into the Amakor’s community hall purportedly to hold meeting but with the real intention to spring up riot in the village. The offshoot of that dastardly action occasioned Suit No. A/MISC253/2020 between Mr. Ejike Okoye V. Mr. Chinedu Nwofor & 4Ors.

Gentlemen, does it not amount to a double speak or self-deceit that the NPU and Igwe Godwin Ezeilo after filing a Court process constituted in Motion No.AG/424M/2020 against Amako on 25/8/20, called a deceitful press conference on 29/8/2020 to declare peace in Nanka whereas the sole purpose of that press conference was to mock, humiliate and celebrate their rape on Amako’s rights. Amako therefore disassociates herself from the contents of the said press conference addressed by Igwe Godwin Ezeilo and Paul Chinedu because it is a cover-up of the crisis they instigated in Nanka. Please tell these characters that they are mocking God. They should know that a sober never dances except he happens to be mad. The anti-peace, anti-development, oppressive and unfair treatment, crisis prone activities being orchestrated by the Nanka Patriotic Union and the traditional ruler of Nanka, Igwe Godwin Ezilo does not end in Amako but caught across the entire town. It is therefore absurd to, amidst all these odds, declare to the world that Nanka is in peace. No! Not at all. It will amount to self-deceit to do so or to support such misleading statement. Amako is not and will never be part of these deceits. We disassociate ourselves from such because it is unconscionable.

The actions and conducts of NPU and Igwe are recipe for communal crisis, chaos, hatred, backwardness that can likely led to complete breakdown of law and order thus making nonsense of Anambra States’ focused efforts at peace and sustainable development in the town and state. Such posture should be resisted by disciplined minds like Amako village. It is on record that Amako has been a peaceful and united community focused on combating the great environmental challenges posed by gully erosion. We have to save our time and energy to focus on combating the environmental challenges we have. That shall be our focus for now till NPU turns a new leaf.

Thanks gentlemen.

For and on behalf of the Amakor Njikoka Development Union,

Obinna Ilo …………………….  Walter Muoneme……………………

Chairman Secretary

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