Corrupt Civil Servants: The case study of Ibrahim Tumsah – By Sanusi Muhammad


When we shout to high heavens of how corruption is steadily wrecking havoc to our national advancement, when we talk of corrupt practices bedeviling the civil service, when we trumpet a bloody revolution to clear the already heaped mess and we suggest death sentence for corrupt practice, town criers, the insane and jesters wonder why the noise on corruption or why the envy of those looters that look more of chimpanzees than humans? Sycophants and the criminally-minded frown and sponsored to challenge our out cries and in some cases, we receive threats of arrest, attack or elimination to the great beyond. Whichever way the criminals prefer, let them be told in the language they understand best that we drive pleasure in exposing and challenging the thieves that retard the progress of our beloved country and we have no fixed date of stopping the challenges and exposure until we are either posted to our ancestors as threatened or the situation changes to normalcy peacefully or violently.

Let’s look at one typical case of madness perfected by a dismissed federal civil servant who was blessed with gummy fingers and corruption strategy to refresh memory. It was in 2017, that I reported that an Abuja Federal High Court in Apo, presided over by Justice Muawiyah Idris, on December 6, 2017 ordered that are thieving civil servant, Ibrahim Musa Tumsah should forfeit 86 luxury vehicles, 23 of which were armored and described by detectives as brand new, four houses and a quarry plant located in Abuja, eight containers with household items to the Federal Government from part of what he stole through corrupt practices as the Director of Finance/Account in the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing. Tumsah must had stolen monies budgeted for our roads, improvement of power supply and decent affordable houses for the people. The idiot was a proud and pompous thief! He co-opted theft of public funds into his way of life. The criminal was exposed, monies and properties retrieved and he was thrown to shame and disappointed for good.

The judge made the order following an ex parte application filed on November 23, 2017 by the Special Investigation Panel constituted by the Buhari led anti-corruption government to recover public property on behalf of the government that was criminally acquired.

Whoever carved the name ‘evil servant’ to replace civil servant must had Ibrahim Musa Tumsah in mind when he was crafting it. Avalanche of facts in pictorial and documented evidences exclusively gotten from discreet investigation revealed that all of the years, Tumsah served Nigeria he was only serving to deprive Nigerians the benefit of their wealth for his personal comfort.

Tumsah, who was earning less than N500,000.00 as monthly salary had properties splashed all over Abuja, Kaduna and Yobe where he hails from, using his name, that of his brother, his children and wives as cover to the malfeasance.

From investigation, some of the properties corruptly acquired by Tumsah include; a quarry plant located at Kuje, Abuja, two apartments located at No.27 Cairo crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja and at No. 34 Euphrates street, Wuse 2, Abuja, twin duplexes located at No.5, Sirasso Crescent, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja and two houses located at FCDA quarters, No.4, Alexandra street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Part of his loot was a leather manufacturing factory located at No. 22, I.T Igbani street, Jabi, Abuja, an eggs crate manufacturing company at Kakuri-Makera, Kaduna, a large farm located along Biu-Damaturu road (Gujba) in Yobe state and a gigantic mansion at Degel-Gobarau road, Kaduna where he resided with his family feeding and swimming in corruption with pride.

Further investigation revealed that Tumsah used two companies; Rain Integrated Services Insurance Brokers Limited (RC: 1284097) and Rain Integrated Bureau De Change Limited (RC: 1106983) registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with his idling junior brother, Tijjani Tumsah as front to evade any possible exposure and subsequent arrest and prosecution by the anti-corruption agencies.

In one of the documents, it was discovered that some directors named on Forms CAC 7 of the ‘dubious’ companies were fictitious and do not even exist anywhere in the world but probably in the household of Ibrahim Musa Tumsah where corruption thrives.

Another funny side of the scam was that Form CAC 7 of Rain Integrated Bureau De Change Limited was neither dated nor filed. It was fraudulently smuggled into the file of CAC as a mere cover perfected by one Barrister Patrick Lucas Uzum with Nigeria Bar Association Accreditation Number NBA/IND/14840 in active connivance with some corrupt staffers of the Commission. 

Some of the 86 cars listed with their chassis numbers and colors include; Wrangler Jeep (black), Audi ASL (ash). Toyota Hilux (white), Taurus Ford (red), Mercedez Benz S550 (red), Mercedez Benz GL 550 (black0, Toyota Land Cruiser V6 (black), Toyota Prado Jeep (white), Jaguar (ash), another Toyota Hilux (white), Toyota Highlander, and another Mercedez Benz S550 (black).

Also on the schedule for seizure were two Golf GTI cars (both black), Hyundai Veloster (red), Wrangler (red), Chevrolet (ash), Mercedez Vaneo (ash), Infinity FX50 (ash), Mercedez E550 (silver), Honda 28/29, Jaguar XF (silver), Sahara Jeep (grey), BMW 7 Series (dark ash), Toyota Avalon (dark ash), Mercedez CLK 550 (ash), Cayenna Porche (black), Toyota Camry 2009 (sky blue), Jeep SRT Chirokee (silver), BMW GT550 (white) and BMW R8 2 series (black).

Others on the list were; Hyundai Velager (red), Camry 2013/14 (white), Mercedez C300 (black), Ford Taurus (golden), Lincoln Niks (dark ash), Equus 2013 (dark ash), Toyota Sequodia (black), Audi A7 3.OT (black), Toyota Prado (black), another Mercedez Benz C550 (black), KIA 900 (black), Avalon 2014 (dark ash), Fiat 500 (silver), Acura RNX 2013, Lexus 15 3500, another Ford Taurus (maroon), Caridac XT54 (red), Fiat Turbo, Ford Excursion; Honda V6 Tourine, Audi Q 736, Ford BW, Lexus LS430 and Infinity QX705.

Ibrahim Musa Tumsah also criminally possessed Maserati, Ford Super Duty, Toyota RAV4, Ford 4×4 Super Duty, Land Rover VIE 1155, Land Rover VIE 1265, Ford Taurus Limited, Ford SHD, Audi 55, Roya Turbo and 20 other luxury cars. 

Should Nigerians be proud to have such a thief in government that deprived the channeling of their wealth to improving their wellbeing within available resources? Where is Ibrahim Musa Tumsah today?

Most Nigerians sincerely wish he could have been posted to dine and wine with his ancestors wherever they may be. The case of Ibrahim Musa Tumsah is just one among several other corruption cases in Nigeria that continue to derail our progress. Is a call for peaceful or violent revolution not timely?



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