Kano Reviewed 2020 Budget: Gov Ganduje To Present Reviewed Document of Over N138B To State Assembly


Due to COVID-19 pandemic frustrating effort which undermines Kano state 2020 fiscal document, as is the case world over, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje administration hinted few days back, that the 2020 budget of over N200 Billion would be reduced by 30 percent.

The reviewed budget of N138,279,140,661k was presented to the state Executive Council meeting, Wednesday, by the Commissioner of Planning and Budget, Nura Muhammad Dankadai, before the Council members for consideration and passing of resolution before transmitting the document to the State House of Assembly.

The reviewed budget of over N138 Billion has N78.8b for recurrent expenditure, which represents 57 percent and N54.9b for capital expenditure, which represents 43 percent.

Internally general revenue (IGR) stood at N46 Billion Naira in the original document, with N7.8 Billion as actual collection from January to March. While the IGR now stands at N24 Billion in the reviewed budget document. Which is lower by N22 Billion.

While the FAAC source for financing the budget, was N76 Billion in the original document and now becomes N52 Billion, which is lower by N24 Billion.

In the original document, overhead stood at N18.3 Billion as the amount and now reviewed to N16.6 Billion. The priority areas of the reviewed budget are education, health and infrastructure.



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