APC is Suppressing Information on Corruption, Says PDP!

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Press Conference

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alerts Nigerians of desperate efforts

by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress (APC)

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administration to divert attention from the stench of monumental

corruption in its government.

Nigerians have noted the blackmails, intimidation and threats coming

from government quarters, in their feverish bid to frustrate

whistleblowers and truncate on-going uncovering of widespread corruption

in ministries, departments and agencies, under the APC administration,

for which Nigerians cannot wait to see the exit of this party of

horrendous looters.

One of such antics by this administration was the Tuesday July 28, 2020

press conference by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai

Mohammed, wherein he dared Nigerians, particularly whistleblowers,

despite revelations of rampant corruption virtually in all aspects of

government under the APC.

Our party is however not surprised that this corrupt administration

resorted to distortion of facts and daring of citizens when its

officials from the top to the bottom are all soiled in the foul potage

of corruption.

It is ridiculous that this administration seeks to claim credit for the

investigation and unearthing of fraud in the Economic and Financial

Crimes Commission (EFCC) when it is already public knowledge that the

investigation only came as a result of pressure mounted by our party and

other Nigerians.

This is more so as the corruption in the EFCC under the APC had reached

an embarrassing crescendo that it could no longer be concealed.

Such humongous corruption in the EFCC under the APC confirms the level

of financial malfeasance and a shameful breach of trust by this

administration, in which very top officials of the Buhari Presidency had

been mentioned.

We challenge the APC federal government to give account of the N800

billion, which Lai Mohammed claimed to have been recovered, especially

given allegations that recovered monies have been re-looted and shared

among topmost officials of the Buhari administration and APC leaders.

Rather than resorting to false performance claims, the expectation of

Nigerians is that this administration would have sent Lai Mohammed to

apologise for this display of gross abuse of position especially as it

relates to the fight against corruption.

We further invite Nigerians to note that Lai Mohammed, in his press

conference, admitted that he could not go into the details of the

various corruption issues in the Niger Delta Development Commission

(NDDC), the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), EFCC and other


Our party holds that this is an evasion of gory tales of direct

stealing, treasury looting and barefaced embezzlements by government

officials and APC leaders as already exposed in on-going investigations

at the National Assembly and at the presidential panel.

With this shocking suppression of information related to corrupt

practices, by no other person than the minister of information,

Nigerians and the world at large are no longer in doubt that concealment

of corruption in ministries, department and agencies is an official

policy of the APC administration because their leaders are involved.

This is the same reason the APC and its government had suppressed the

prosecution of officials indicted in the N90 billion stolen from the

Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in which top members of the All

Progressives Congress (APC) were mentioned.

This is in addition to the suppression of prosecution of APC leaders

involved in the reported looting of N33billion from the National

Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), the stealing of over N18 billion

from the rehabilitation of IDPs in the Northeast as well as the over N25

billion from the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) among others.

Of course, the APC has not denied that it is the headquarters of

corruption and also had nothing to say to reports by reputable

international organizations, including the Transparency International

(TI) that corruption had worsened under this administration.

If the Buhari administration is indeed fighting corruption, Nigerians

wonder why it has not addressed the involvement of APC leaders in the

alleged looting of over N14 trillion, including the N9.6 trillion ($25

billion) as detailed in the leaked NNPC memo; the over N1trillion worth

of crude oil using 18 unregistered companies linked to APC leaders as

well as the sleaze in fraudulent oil subsidy regime.

We also challenge the minister of information to inform Nigerians why

this administration has failed to address the direct allegation by the

First Lady, Aisha Buhari, that the N500bn meant for Social Investment

Program under this administration was diverted to private purses.

Furthermore, we challenge Lai Mohammed to name those behind the $2.5

billion (N1.175 trillion) Chinese Gates oil theft scandal, in which

officials of this administration were alleged to have been involved.

We also challenge the minister to name those behind the looting in NEMA,

NHIS, FIRS North East Development Commission and the NDDC.

Moreover, in doing that, Lai Mohammed should also offer some

explanations on his alleged role in the reported National Broadcasting

Commission (NBC) N2.5 billion fraud, for which Nigerians had demanded

his investigation by the ICPC.

Of course Nigerian have not also forgotten how the nation was defrauded

with a fictitious Nigeria Air which only flew on the internet under the

watch of this administration.

As a party, we sympathize with our nation for having an administration

that is replete with looters, who in the last five years have been

dipping their leprous hands into the till at the expense of governance

while Mr. President’s silence makes him complicit.

Nigerians already know that due to the level of corruption in this

government the eight years of this administration will unfortunately end

up as a wasted era, in which life of the ordinary Nigerians have failed

to find any sort of improvement; be it on the economy, security,

education, healthcare, urban development and other critical sectors.

Indeed, the stench of humongous corruption oozing out of an

administration that claimed to have come to clean an alleged Augean

stable have constituted a huge embarrassment to Nigerians in the face of

economic, political and security misery confronting our people in the

last five years.

The PDP stands with Nigerians in stating that no amount of propaganda,

blackmail, threats and intimidation from the APC and the Buhari

Presidency will stop them from continuing to expose the monstrous

corruption being perpetrated by APC leaders and government officials

under this administration.

As a party, it is a sacred duty we owe our nation and we will not be

cowed or intimidated to abandon this cause for the good of our nation.

I thank you for listening


Kola Ologbondiyn

National Publicity Secretary



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