Jigawa State House of Assembly is nowhere to be found – By Adamu Muhd Usman

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The advent of this novel disease, covid-19 into the country have generated a lot of real and unrealistic tendencies, one of these is the disappearance of Jigawa State  House of Assembly of going for along break without minding their importance of assisting, guiding and checkmating the activities of the executive in the state at this critical and crucial time.

Is it true as others viewed or regarded the Jigawa state House of Assembly as rubber stamp or toothless bulldogs? But I may doubt that opinion or it maybe possible the allegation maybe true and right since the house did not consider other states like Bauchi, Katsina and Gombe etc are in full session now and Jigawa state did not even made a plan of meeting at a committee level time to time as Kano state does that to discuss some issues. Because since they close the house we did hear or see any of their activities or involvement in the affairs of the state. What a House!!!

You don’t even see some or many of the members in their constituencies or in the state capital or near the governor to assist, support and guide him during this trial moment he only see and assign his Special Advisers and assistance to partake in this covid-19 challenge.

Also, the recent court ruling in favour of Gumel State House of Assembly member has shown that, the house has some questions than answers to their earlier political brouhaha of governor’s visit to Hadejia.

Methinks that if it was true that governor Badaru was yelled (boo) in Hadejia courtesy (responsible) of or by state member representing Gumel constituency despite heavy weight APC political elected and appointed office holders in the senatorial zone shows they lack merit and relevance in their constituencies, areas and their home because how can somebody from Gumel influence Hadejiawa to carryout this nasty thing?

To this regard, I appeal to the State House of Assembly to rethink of resuming soon or constituting an emergency committee to be sitting once or twice in a week or even fortnightly to think, plan and addressing crucial and emergency issues. Also the executive and the legislators should as a matter of urgency try to liaise among themselves to resolve Gumel member issue because it is a very big blow to the executive and the house of assembly but most especially to the Hadejia Senatorial zone.

Adamu writes from Kafin-Hausa Jigawa state amu3333@yahoo.com


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