Is Jigawa State Gov’t Serious About Fighting Corona Virus? – By Adamu Muhd Usman

Facts, figures and happenings available have shown that jigawa state government is lagging behind among other states in the federation also is not too committed in fighting this deadly disease, covid-19.

My reasons;

1. It is now, May 6, 2020 the state government has approved a purchase of three ambulance to convey suspects/victims/patients.

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2. It is now the state government has approved the purchase of four ventilators while we have about forty victims who have tested positive and besides over eight hundred almajirai are under supervision. Incredible!

3. How can the state government make it compulsory for the people of the state to wear a face mask in public and order the security personnel to impose it seriously without giving or making it available to the common man? If it is the people that will buy it, where can they get it and buy?

4. The idea or thinking of governor Badaru of ordering his aids (Special advisers/assistants) to take part in  border closure around the border towns in the state is something questionable, unattainable and inefficient.

5. How and why did the thirty almajirai escaped from the camp in the first place?

6. Please when did the jigawa state government share rice, cooking oil, some token(money), millet and guinea corn to the masses? Please i need to know. All I know, I was told that there are some few places that corn(masara) was shared and that has been the tradition of governor Badaru right from inception, masara! masara!! masara!!! How good was it?

7. Jigawa state government did not give palliatives to the people while will it instruct security agencies to impose a law on the common man?

My take are;

~Please governor Badaru, in regard to border closure,order the security personnels, involve traditional rulers, vigilantes, community associations and support, equip and encourage them, then you will get a result.

~Adequate and proactive measures to prevent and assist the medical personnel’s are not in place and we are disturbed because some of them are infected, therefore what is our fate?

~I appeal and advice the Jigawa state government to start distributing face mask to the general public(masses) before imposing the law of compulsory usage in the public. This will go a long way to halt or curtail the spread of this novel disease.

~Please give simple, sufficient and regular palliatives to the people across the state like rice, spaghetti, macaroni not corn/maize, millet etc

~Also I appeal to Jigawa state government to provide sufficient and quality free mask to the common man.

~Almajirai should be well fed to avoid their escape and also make the place conducive and lively for them and also use this golden opportunity to enlighten and educate them about their predicaments, society, their live, their future and their  responsibilities bound upon them.

Adamu writes from Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa state


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