Covid-19: If you want to stay alive, stay at home – By Ejike Anyaduba


Poke Toholo and Covid-19 have a thing in common. Both were harbingers of death who offered no transgressor a whit of a chance when violated.

For Toholo his instruction was simple: IF YOU WANT TO STAY ALIVE – PAY UP.

Covid-19 would seem to have a lighter instruction: IF YOU WANT TO STAY ALIVE – STAY AT HOME. A seemingly innocuous instruction, but more difficult to carry out.

Poke Toholo if you remember him was the unconscionable character in James Hadley Chase novel “Want to Stay Alive” who stalked his victims and killed any who tried to test his will rather comply with his demand. He knew as no one else did that “fear was the key that unlocked the wallet of the rich” and he exploited it to advantage. He unlocked any wallet of choice and messed any who compelled him to prise it open.

Covid-19 is not better. Though it did not apply coercion like Toholo to compel obedience, but it is nonetheless more devastating when defied. It steals into those who would not stay at home and observe its protocols. So vicious is Covid-19 that once it seizes its violator it communicates uncommon threat to everybody around to isolate.

Though both (Covid and Toholo) are death merchants, but they have solution.  If you want to stay alive – stay at home. If you want to stay alive – pay up.

Ejike Anyaduba




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