Ahmed Mu’azu Is A Political Parasite Says Blood Brother


Until the 2019 elections period, little was known of SAMA’ILA ADAMU MU’AZU in Bauchi State political turf. He made a bold appearance at the political scene on the platform of New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) for the State House of Assembly contest which he never realized. He switched-off his loyalty to the All Progressives Congress (APC) but not for contest. But realizing that his senior brother, Ahmed Adamu Mu’azu had defected to the APC, he hurriedly defected from APC to join the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) before the general elections.

He was recently spotted at a PDP function in Bauchi and granted this mind-boggling interview.

Q: Motivation to join politics

Sama’ila: I was motivated by so many factors including the failure of successive representatives from my constituency to provide the needed basic requirements of the people. Our area has been turned into a dumping ground. We had poor representation at all levels with the exclusion of the House of Representatives where we have a vibrant representative that has touched so many lives. So, I decided to jump into the scene to prove the difference. Unfortunately, as a novice, I was taught a bitter lesson. I was short-changed with the connivance of my own blood brother, Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu. It was a very sad situation but I have no regret.

Q: Mu’azu caused your defeat?

Sama’ila: Yes! He was the master-mind of my defeat and subsequent frustration within the NNPP that necessitated my defection to APC and later to PDP. I may not like to go into details of the game played against me but Ahmed knows of his mischievous game against my success.


Q: But why Mu’azu?

Sama’ila: That is the question being asked till date by concerned politicians. What I know is that he is always jittery and envious of the success of any member of our family. He wants to remain the rally point of the family that he does not deserve. We have respected him all along as the most elder brother. He has offended each and every member of the family and has caused the downfall of many of us in different ways. We have tolerated him enough and I have vowed to drag him to the cleaners. Things cannot continue the way they are. We have to voice out to save others from falling to his trap. Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu does not deserve to be trusted with any leadership position anywhere.

Q: But he has held several responsible positions

Sama’ila: The positions were offered him out of ignorance and misinterpretation. Take a critical look of how he messed-up the economy of Bauchi State as a governor and look at how he betrayed PDP as its national chairman before he flew to exile. Who can tell me any legitimate business of Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu and where his office or corporate headquarters is located anywhere? If you call him a busy-body and political merchant, you are damn right.

Q: But why castigating your blood brother publicly?

Sama’ila: It is because he has over the years failed to be a responsible brother. Honestly, I hate to discuss family issues publicly but Ahmadu has pushed me to the wall. I have kept my silence all these years but he has refused to repent to be responsible. He cannot continue murdering our family name while we watch. I honestly regret coming from same family with characters like Ahmadu?


Q: Do you still nurse a political ambition?

Sama’ila: Yes please! And I hope Ahmadu will be bold enough to indicate interest of contest of any political office in 2023.

Q: You will support him?

Sama’ila: Laughter! How can I support a mischief maker, a political parasite that lacks a political base? Ahmadu has never in history won his polling unit in any election due to his character and you expect me to support such a character? Honestly, I prefer a return of the military to political leadership of Nigeria than Ahmadu to be the Nigerian president and I know why.

Q: Why?

Sama’ila: Because he is a complete political parasite, a merchant in politics and highly irresponsible for trust. If he declares for any political office, I will fight him with the last drop of my blood to save Nigerians from falling to his trap. If he wants Nigerians to believe in his claimed political capacity, let him contest for the senate seat of his zone if he can win. The man is empty in politics and character.

Q: Why not settle your differences to save the family’s reputation?

Sama’ila: I have no respect for Ahmadu and I cannot accept to be part of any family settlement with him in attendance for fear of deceit. In the whole of our family, there is no person that Ahmadu cannot deceive and ridicule. He respects no one, and I mean what I’m saying and members of the family are there to challenge me if what I have said is wrong. The man hates all of us in the family and is all out to destroy us individually for his selfish interest. I hate to talk on so many issues including how he shortchanged PDP during the 2015 presidential election and how he scuttled the efforts of some aspirants after shortchanging them. I know how he played his ways and I know how former president Jonathan trusted him but he turned to betray him and I know why he is with the APC today for fear of the EFCC. The man is a misfit.

Q: Are you not afraid of being sued?

Sama’ila: Let Ahmadu sue me and I will expose his other dirty deals for continuation of litigation. I have no fear at all.



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