-He Is A Front Row & Soul-Less Ingrate Who Should Be Asked To Explain How He Made His Billions

-And He Was One Of Those Recruited By Opponents Against His Mentor


In one week, the former Secretary to the Imo State Government, Mr. George Eche has been granting interviews both in the National Newspapers and in the Owerri Based Newspapers. And in all the interviews, his target has been the man who God had used to make him somebody, the former governor of the State, Senator Rochas Okorocha. In all the interviews too, he insulted the man he was expected to be eternally grateful.


We won’t respond to all that Mr. Eche had said against the former governor, but we would want to state as follows:


(1)            George Eche is one of such innocent but totally wrong Political Investments the former governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha made while holding sway as the governor of the State. With men like Eche, the former governor thought he was dealing with human beings with souls but not knowing that he was dealing with quasi-elements with no soul.


(2)            Eche was a Civil Servant waiting for promotion to the next grade level. He was neither in politics nor in business. And he was very obscure. He was in that pitiable situation when Rochas Okorocha became governor. And God used him to inject life into George Eche.


(3)            Rochas Okorocha made him Permanent Secretary and Accountant-General of the State at the same time. That was the first time in the State somebody would be Permanent Secretary and Accountant-General at a stretch. And finally made him the Secretary to the State Government.


(4)            Eche became a billionaire over night. Built a multi-billion naira Mansion in his village at Ngor-Okpala with a lift. Built Mansion in Owerri and has other choice properties in Owerri.


(5)            It was during his time as Accountant-General that the issue of outrageous Pension bill came up. And he became so rich that during the 2019 election, he declared for governorship because he had made too much money and was looking for a way to spend some.


(6)            He was also one of those recruited by the clique fighting Owelle Okorocha in APC, who had also promised to make each of them governor and they bought into that 419 game. Otherwise, he would not have declared for governor without printing posters and also failed in his booth in all the elections. He was not Contesting election but was just a tool against a man who made him what he is today.


(7)            He also has an issue when it comes to loosed waist.

(8) George Eche accused Rochas Okorocha of de-marketing APC in the South-East. The question is, how? Rochas Okorocha brought APC to the Southeast and made it thick.  And that was why in 2015 it was only Imo that produced APC governor, 24 out of the 27 House of Assembly members, produced a Senator and four House of Representatives members. And in the Presidential election, had 133,253 votes and no other State in the South-East had upto 20,000 votes.


(9)            In 2019, those who had ganged up against Okorocha recruited people like Eche and they all lost in their booths. And it is also in Imo that APC had upto 140,465 votes in the Presidential election. And the 2019 elections made Nigerians to know who holds the franchise of APC in the South-East.


(10)      With all these, George Eche going to the pages of Newspapers to attack a man who showed him love and changed his life for better, would have made me to ask that people should stop being good to others, but I won’t say so. Let whoever has opportunity to impact positively on the lives of others do so without Counting the Cost of doing so and leave the rest for God.


Sam Onwuemeodo


Special Adviser (Media) to the former governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha

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