MOSOP Walks Out of Saakpenwa Meeting


President of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), Fegalo Nsuke, yesterday walked out of a meeting called by the Gbenemene of Tai, King Godwin N.. Gininwa at Saakpenwa, Tai local government area in of Rivers State.


Speaking with newsmen shortly after the walkout, Nsuke said the meeting was structured on deception and falsehood and predetermined to force oil resumption on Ogoniland without broad-based consultations with the Ogoni people..


Describing the Saakpenwa meeting as sectional and parochial, Nsuke said it was teleguided to misrepresent the position of the Ogoni people on critical issues affecting them especially the issue of oil resumption being promoted by a faction of KAGOTE and some government paid chiefs..


Nsuke said the meeting was largely deceptive, pre-arranged and therefore not credible in any sense.


He also noted an attempt to replicate a 2016 episode in which King Gininwa and some government paid chiefs sat in his private home to inaugurate their preferred president of MOSOP,”


He further said the plot to destabilize MOSOP and arrogate to themselves the powers to decide for Ogoni was wasteful and useless as Ogoni is bigger than those antics.


“MOSOP is more concerned about freedom for Ogoni and not Ogoni internal leadership struggles. Our mandate as stated in the Ogoni Bill of Rights is quite clear and the struggle for freedom for Ogoni remains our only goal” Nsuke said yesterday.


The MOSOP president said it was regrettable that people to whom many look up to have chosen to cast themselves into playing the unfortunate roles that degrades our  moral standards rather being admirable role models.


Nsuke said truth will be the only way out for Ogoni. He urged the public to be mindful of stories coming from government paid chiefs and a faction of KAGOTE.


He urged the Ogoni people to remain calm and committed to our cherished ideals of freedom and justice in Nigeria.



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