The Committee for the Restoration of Gaya, Karaye, and Rano Emirates on Monday declared that they are ready to resist any attempt to reverse the newly created emirates councils in Kano state.

According to the Committee’s spokesman, Hon. Haruna Isa Dederi, the creation of the Emirates is the making of history and the restoration of what was deprived from them several years ago.

Dederi who is now representing Karaye/Rogo Federal Consistency at the House of Representatives said the three Emirates of Karaye, Rano and Gaya were forcefully coerced into Kano Emirate.

He also commended Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for creating the Bichi Emirate where he described as, “breeding ground for Kano Emirs,” adding that with rich cultural and economic potentials, Bichi has all it takes to stand as an Emirate.

Dederi, a former Commissioner of Information in Kano state, who was flanked by members of the Committee, including its chairman, Jazuli Muhammad Gaya, said the Committee has been agitating for the creation of these new Emirates for over 10 years ago.

According to him, “the agitation for the restoration of Gaya, Karaye and Rano Emirates was originally started by a Committee of Concerned Indigenes of these Emirates about ten years ago. For logistic and operational reasons, the efforts by that Committee slowed down. For about two years now, in its revival efforts, this Committee under the patriotic and able leadership of Alhaji Jazuli Muhammad Gaya, reignited the agitation.”

Dederi further stated that, “the restoration of the three Emirates is not by any means meant to despise Kano Emirate or any personality as perceived by some narrow-minded elements. Our bond of brotherhood will continue to exist between the people of these emirates and those of Kano Emirate.”

He pointed out that, ‘the upgrading of various Traditional Rulers is not something new in Nigeria. The promotion of Village-Heads or District Heads to Emirs has been a continuous affair right from the Fulani Jihad to the present day.

“The restoration of our hitherto existing emirates as well as the upgrading of districts to emirates should not be viewed with negative political connotations. It should be seen as deliberate and conscious government’s effort to restore and preserve traditional political autonomy to its historic place, promote our cultural heritage in the state and provide easily accessible traditional machineries for the benefit of all.”

Dederi insisted that, “the restoration of these emirates will pave the way for the development of additional cities which will effectively reduce the chaotic living conditions of Kano city.

“The restoration may also lead to the creation of new districts thereby making accessibility to the traditional leaders of the people much easier. Tourism will  be enhanced giving rise to investments being poured into those cities.”

Dederi, however, commended Ganduje for abiding by the popular demand, stating that, “we are eternally grateful to the government of Kano state under the patriotic leadership of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje for acting on the enabling law, initiating and implementing this great historical traditional renaissance in kingdoms that were hitherto swept away into oblivion for several decades by the forces of internal reaction and British imperialism and colonialism. We commend the government also for creating an indelible historical mark by making Bichi yet another Emirate in the state.”