The greatest threat to freedom is not the oppressor but a populace that is happy in slavery and usurpation. Nigerians and certain individuals with Biafran names love slavery we in IPOB don’t. I, like most other of my compatriots in IPOB prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery. Until Biafra is completely set free, we shall continue to agitate because, to me, freedom means to be able to be yourself day in and day out. And not be punished for it. To live without mental, physical, emotional and spiritual shackles or constraints. And if I feel like my rights are being violated in any of those four realms, then I consider it a massive violation to my God given right to live in freedom.

Jubril Al-Sudani the criminally imported impostor has recently returned from his surgery enhancement in the UK but unfortunately for them he did not travel with his make-up artist because anybody that saw his pictures as he disembarked from the aircraft will know there is something definitely wrong with Nigerians and their eyesight. Jubril is now looking as young as Yusuf his adopted son. Please take a look at the picture of the Sudanese most people ignorantly call Buhari to see how daft most Nigerians are. Please put that picture on my official Facebook wall and also share it extensively.

Jubril went for his periodic body work & overhauling. He did so without official handover to Osinbajo as stipulated in their constitution but you have a country, seemingly full of intellectuals but rather populated with cowards who can longer see or hear any evil. This is the man they are planning to swear in on the 29th of this May with the knowledge that he is a confirmed certificate forger. Verifiable evidence after evidence has been presented to the general public and the Judiciary of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and her citizens on the forgery of Buhari’s certificate but they will still go ahead to swear him into office because Nigeria is not a country and can never be.

The Nigerian Police the Legislative and the Executive arms of the government- all Fulanised, are all aware yet nothing is done to effect the legitimacy of the rule of law by enforcing the requirements of a military decree constitution they all swore to uphold. This is the type of country some people shamelessly wake up every morning to defend.

How dumb are Nigerians and their miserable law enforcement and judiciary. When written laws are made not to apply differently to a section of populace like the Fulani, in the instance of Nigeria, then everybody is a fool. Why some people still pretend they don’t know what IPOB is fighting for is beyond me. I am afraid for the dwindling thinking capacity of your average miserable Nigerian. They can’t revolt, they can’t protest…..those that have the courage to protest are called all manner of unprintable names but they continue to suffer and complain but lack the courage to do anything about it.

If truly no man is above the law and the Constitution of the land is supreme. If the constitution is supreme and is meant to guide the conduct of civilised men within a specifically defined geo-political area, then let me remind all the sophisticated morons in Nigeria that their constitution says every contender for the presidency must present a verifiable school certificate (WAEC) which neither the dead Buhari had nor his replacement Jubril ever did. Jubril/Buhari has no basis to present himself to be sworn in on the 29th. That was why the impostor said education is no longer important.

Those that consider themselves as citizens of southern Nigeria has been butchered into fear and docility. I weep for the cowards but its their country, they can do whatever they like with it.

I start this evening by asking each and every one of us to remember the price the class of 67-70 paid for us to be alive today.

We must remind ourselves about how we got to where we are today. Allow me to introduce a perspective to guide our thoughts this evening.

Let us consider this:

The late Aguiyi Ironsi from Ibeku as myself, was a former head of state in Nigeria, a Biafran and an Igbo man. The first battle tested military general not the generalship of the likes of Buratai earned purely as a result of Fulani quota system and killing unarmed civilian protesters.

Ironsi was killed by the same Fulani people whilst sitting as a head of state and nobody remembers him today. He was killed alongside a Yoruba man called Fajuyi who it may suprise you to know is still honoured by Yoruba people annually. Another Yoruba man, MKO Abiola was not even a president of Nigeria. He was not sworn in as a president, he never took over power. He was killed by the same killers of Ironsi the Fulani caliphate.  Yoruba political class with their media hegemony and the ever treacherous Igbo Efulefus pushed and pushed until the FG of Nigeria declared June 12 a remembrance day to honour MKO Abiola while nobody remembers Aguiyi Ironsi a former Head of state because he’s a Biafran of Igbo extraction.

They passed a bill today to recognise and honour June 12 because of one man, then turn against IPOB for honouring 6 million victims of genocide and those that fought to save those of us who are alive today. They must be mad and insane. Anybody who fails to sit at home on May 30th deserve to be stoned to death.

Now the same band of God forsaken Fulani slaves in our midst is telling us not to honour over 3.5 million victims of genocide and the brave men that fought to keep us alive. What a bunch of soulless evil men. They are telling us not to honour our own people because an Igbo man or any Biafra for that matter is not worthy to be honoured in Nigeria. These are the same people whose politics of acquisance and compromise put us in the mess IPOB is trying to fix today. We must send a clear, unambiguous message to these Fulani slaves in our land that we must honour our brave fathers and mothers that fought for us.

We are going to sit @ home on 30th may to remember and honour over 3.5m Biafrans killed by Britain through Nigeria.

Some establishment media houses in Nigeria have so messed up our brains that if not for the timely intervention of Radio Biafra/IPOB our race would have ceased to exist by now. Praise be to Chukwu Okike Abiama Almighty God for his mercies. We must honour them by sitting at home on 30 May 2019.

Abiola, a Yoruba man that Hausa Fulani killed will be honoured on June 12 but they are telling us not to honour over 3.5m innocent men, women and children killed. We Biafrans are wiser now. Let us honour our own heroes and heroines. Sit-at-home on 30th May let us show them love and remember their sacrifice.

This same mindset led us to forget the heroic exploits of our mothers in 1929 of which this year is the 100th anniversary. The manipulative Nigerian media and some Efulefus born beside a refuse pile in Lagos made you to also forget the bravery of our mothers and fathers at the coal mines in Enugu. This was the first resistance against colonialism in Nigeria.

Some of you have been brainwashed by the Efulefu brigade, mostly wayward but educated children of Biafran extraction born outside Biafraland with a deep seated resentment for self. These brigade of educated ignoramuses is the reason why landlocked Kaduna has a port where your containers can be transported to and collected almost free of charge if you are Fulani Arewa or Hausa but Biafran cities located on the deep water shores of the Atlantic ocean have no functioning seaport. Some of these ignorant fellows talk about Aku ruo ulo (think home) or divesting business interests to Biafraland as if you can build a viable economy without seaports, railways and proper international airports. They claim they are wise and educated but fail to grasp simple rudimentary economics.

Over the years the one Nigeria mantra clouded our sense of judgement into believing that someday the British favourite child the Fulani will see reason and decide to deal fairly with us but it has never happened. The same British people that gave us their names, education and most critically religion, actively planned our extermination as a people because we dared to chart a new destiny for ourselves away from the straight-jacket dictates of neo-colonialism.

Injustice after injustice has been meted out to our people with nobody rising up to organise a philosophical and ideologically consistent mass resistance against it until we IPOB came along. Our reward was betrayal after betrayal by Ohaneze, Igbo governors, some Efulefus working for Yoruba media and poverty stricken fellows that lack the discipline to understand what freedom fighting is all about. The mission of these misguided slaves is to turn our land into another Kwara State or Illorin to be precise. They want the land of our ancient people to become another vassal Fulani caliphate with quislings in charge the same way some Yoruba Muslims answerable to Sokoto Caliphate are in charge of Yorubaland today.

To appreciate what the future holds for us without IPOB, simply look at what non Fulani Islamic populations are going through in the Middle Belt to appreciate what shall become if us in a few years time if we fail to do something now by supporting IPOB with all our might. Things have gotten so bad to the point that Ohaneze, Obiano, Ugwuanyi, Umahi and Ikpeazu that were at the forefront of assisting their Fulani masters in tagging IPOB a terror group are now impotent before Fulani terrorists invading our land on a daily basis, slaughtering and maiming at will. Ironanically it has been left to the same betrayed IPOB to step up and defend our communities under attack in Ebonyi, Enugu and Anambra. Have you heard any of these governors speak up against the killing of our people by Fulani terror herdsmen?

Our land is under immense attack on 3 notable fronts.

1. Fulani terrorists

2. Special 18 man execution squads sent by the IG of Police to each state to work directly with the governors to carry out summary executions of our young men. We have pictures of their latest victims in Aba. The whole business of childish gossiping and Fulani praise singing by a bunch of hungry compromised so-called freedom fighters is to divert our attention away from the silent killings going on in our land.

3. Igbo governors and traitors within. These bunch of criminals are in the business of covering up the atrocities of their Fulani masters against our people. They work hand in hand with the Zoo police and media to spread falsehood against IPOB, an example of which is the death of Anthony Nwoko, a man I relocated from Lagos to Enugu, fed and paid house rent for.

After careful and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the demise of Anthony Nwoko, it became apparent that he was not murdered. The journalist that reported that he was found in a pool of blood was a police sponsored writer who was paid to present fantasy as fact.

No police autopsy report till date as to the cause of death. Enugu police said they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Nwoko’s death. No single photographic evidence or proof that blood was anywhere present on Nwoko’s body or apartment. These brown envelope journalists based in Lagos merely accepted money from the police to seek to incriminate IPOB without any single shred of evidence because they want to damage the squeaky clean image of IPOB in the hope of endearing themselves to their Fulani masters. All those that peddled this fake story or sought to extract a non-existent capital out of the lies that Nwoko was murdered, especially DSS established mushroom groups will never be forgiven. We shall find them and hold them accountable. The hunt is on for them across Biafraland. No traitor will go unpunished.


These traitors hiding under the name of one pro-Biafra group or another cleverly forgot their masters in the Federal Government of Nigeria have reached an agreement to build a Dry Port worth $250m in Ibadan, whilst Igweocha a city the British colonial masters renamed Port Harcourt in Rivers State has no functional port. It is on record that I have consistently asked for the reopening of Warri, Calabar and Igweocha seaports. For those accusing us of making IPOB an Igbo affair, Warri is not in Igboland, neither is Calabar but as anyone in the know will testify, I have always insisted these demands be met before any formal dialogue can take place. IPOB is about the liberation of all Biafra territories, only mischief makers will imply otherwise. Yet, some people under the control of Al-Mustapha from the coastal part of Biafraland will beat their chest to admit to working towards one Nigeria and foolishly channel their grievances against the same IPOB that is trying to save all of us.

It was not a Biafran or Igboman that killed Ken Saro Wiwa, neither was it an Igbo man that killed Adaka Boro. Why is it that Yoruba that support Fulani hegemony gets everything whereas the governing elite of the coastal region (south south) loyal to the north cannot attract the same level of Fulani interest? A new mega seaport is being built in Badagry near Lagos to add to Tin Can and Apapa wharfs but South South seaports were closed down in order to strangulate the economy of Biafra. They have railway lines crisscrossing the entire West but there is nothing in our land (South South and South East). To make it worse, what little thinking faculty you have left you surrender at the altar of fraudulent pentecostalism every Sunday.

Where are the Fulani approved elites in the South-South or the Arewa Consultative Forum annointed leaders of South-East?

Don’t we have resources for a Port site, yet $250m will be spent to build an artificial one?

These idiots will not fight their oppressor but are comfortably happy to accept crumbs falling off the master’s table to fight IPOB that is fighting to liberate them. I have never and will never collect money from anyone to sell or compromise our puritanical stance because unlike these stomach infrastructure agitators I will sacrifice anything sacrificeable to get Biafra. I rejected every financial inducement when I was incarcerated and detained in Kuje, I would not insult myself by accepting anything from anybody now. I want to tell Ohaneze, Igbo governors, PANDEF and every other meaningless settle me and my boys group out there that our problem is their lack of patriotic discipline and weak mindedness. IPOB has gone way too far in this effort to restore Biafra.

The Jihadi Islamic Arewa core north have given N100b to Fulani Herdsmen killers, but how to stop 30th May Heroes Remembrance day, is of paramount issue to Igbo Politicians. Is this not the height of misplaced priorities?

It’s a shame to the Old Eastern region, how the North keep on messing with our brain because some people cannot afford to resist financial inducement. They keep on fooling our so called leaders and disgracing them out of power in the end. The level of humiliation and marginalisation is now a shame to our region. What a shame…look at how Okoroawusa is being disgraced from pillar to post after serving his Fulani kinsmen. His only mistake is that he has an Igbo name. They have even forgotten that he is one of them. That is the extent of their hatred for anything Biafra.

Our global effort to create a network of friends for Biafra in the event of any conflict is proceeding according to plan. As I have repeatedly said, we studied the mistakes of the past and will never repeat them. Biafra needs friends in high places, either covertly or in the open before we march or else what is happening in Ambazonia or the fate of the Tamils of Sri Lanka will befall us. We have a lot of powerful enemies against Biafra freedom. Locally we have to contend with the concerted treachery of Ohaneze, Igbo governors and some Efulefus in Lagos and Abuja. Internationally every major media organisation is against us. The international lobby machinery of the Zoo is well resourced with limitless supply of cash. They have bought over most governments of the world. Most diplomats serving in Nigeria are in their payroll. All the killings happening in Biafraland and Middle Belt by Fulani herdsmen are dismissed in the international diplomatic circles as farmer/herdsmen clash over access to water resources. I cannot tell you all I know about the formidable international news blackout on the atrocities of the cabal live on air. We are fighting against very strong state and not state actors that is why it appears as if we are being cautious.

Let me give you an example. For how many years now have we been in court against the Zoo both in their own courts, at ECOWAS, Africa Human Rights Commission and ICC. You will all recall the effort Britain made to make sure Biafran cases are not heard at the ICC. Foreign powerful businesses that have benefited from lucrative oil or road construction contracts from the FG of Nigeria are all against Biafra including some in Israel. These barriers and obstacles is what we are working very hard to dismantle. Some of the work we are doing is not immediately visible, neither are my at liberty to announce it prematurely on air.

Some of you may or may not know that Multichoice or DSTV refused to carry Biafra Satellite TV and Radio Biafra signals. We were told categorically that Nigerian government threatened to shut them down if they do. I will expand more on these themes when I address Biafrans in USA and Canada in the coming days.

Without a high level of international exposure and contacts, our rallies will continue to be attacked in Biafraland whilst thousands can march in Cardiff calling for Welsh independence without the mighty British army opening fire on them. Therefore we know what we are doing. We are being as thorough as we can be. Imagine if we had marched before now, how would we have known that some traitors working for the Zoo hid in IPOB? All sabotuers and traitors will remove themselves from IPOB because our oath is working. These informants have no business being in IPOB and are not welcome.

How many other freedom fighting outfits in the world are called secessionists, miscreants or rabble rousers? Only IPOB and do you know why, because the dominant Yoruba media want to keep deceiving some of you gullible fools into rejecting who you are. They know Biafran men are good gossipers, therefore all they need do is to keep telling you that IPOB does not mean well for you until they corner your brain. Take for instance the invasion of my house. After attacking and killing 28 people in my house, they got some traitors to ask me to return to Nigeria if I want to lead a movement. They stayed on this narrative for a few weeks until some traitors started singing it like a song. Why did they do it? Because they know you love to gossip. Today people hardly remember the criminal invasion of my house and loss of over 28 lives. This was the same method they used to channel you into pentecostal churches. But we are IPOB, we remain focused and resolute. They can try all they like, we will never be distracted.


Look at the spat between El-Rufai and Tinunbu. If it were an Igbo governor that was facing off against either of them, by now, many shops in Lagos or Kaduna  would have been destroyed or locked up and some people in Ibadan and environs would have twisted the whole story but because El-Rufai is Fulani, they have pretended not to hear anything.


Our quest for freedom started not just in the 60s nor 40s but in late 20s and before that in the first decade of the 20th century. After Arochukwu fell to the British in 1904, seven sons from Aro left for Anioma to form the feared and much revered Ekumeku fraternity to continue a guerilla war against the British. This is the reason why the British will never trust us. Compare that the British take-over of the north where they were welcomed and worshipped till date. Ironically we that fought the British in actual war ended up as Christians whereas Fulani controlled north that were subservient to the British retained and even expanded their Islamic identity.

We are born with freedom in our DNA. We did not wake up one morning to hate Nigeria, they have always hated us. In November 1929 the British killed our mothers in Aba that dared to question their rule and punitive taxation. This year is the 100th anniversary of their death and those that claim they are intellectuals in Igboland have all carefully forgotten because they don’t want to offend their Fulani masters. It has fallen on IPOB again to remind the world what the heroics of our mothers mean to us today. In November this year we shall honour them.

Have we forgotten that our dear British that gave us Anglican Church shot dead 21 striking miners in Enugu on November 1949. One bystander was killed and 51 people injured. Nobody remembers them and that is why Fulani are still killing us today.

The coordinated resistance against the combined military invasion of Nigeria and her foreign mercenaries led by the British, lasted for a period of three good years (1967-1970), to the disappointment of the invaders, claiming not less than 3.5 million Biafrans including men, women, children and even the elderly. Biafran economy, properties/possessions, worth fortunes, were totally plundered by Chief Obafemi Awolowo. These are irrefutable historical facts.

Britain fought a proxy war against Biafra through Nigeria. In a straight fight between Biafra and Nigeria, there will only ever be one outcome, Biafra will defeat Nigeria anytime anyday. Russia then Soviet Union supported Nigeria because of the international conspiracy to crush Biafra not because Nigeria was stronger. These are the unseen forces we are battling every day. To convince the world that Biafra is not anti-Britain or against European and US oil interest in our land is one of the key things we are presently doing.

Our people are steadily being marginalized, victimized, kidnapped, gruesomely murdered, pauperised and enslaved across the Nigerian contraption. Incidents that prompted the Biafran armed resistance in defense of their people and homeland (territories) dating back between 1945 and 1970 are very much prevalent after over forty years of hypocritical unity/federalism.

Biafrans have over the years, variously sacrificed for the unfettered restoration of the sovereignty of their fatherland. I, alongside many others, within the IPOB global family have made and are yet making invaluable sacrifices despite life threatening persecutions from the enemies. Many of us have been extra-judicially arrested, imprisoned/detained and murdered in this struggle by the agents of the Nigerian state. Fulanised political merchants (saboteurs, traitors and propagandists)  both within and without, have persistently vilified me and the struggle in virtually all fronts, with abysmal failures hitting their every move. All their evil strategies and enterprises will continue to suffer shame and disappointment because in the end we always win.

Come Thursday 30th May 2019,  Biafrans both at home and in the diaspora, will yet defy every odd to accord our heroes and heroines both living and dead, well deserved honour and recognition for their priceless sacrifice in the Biafra restoration struggle. This memorial will be accompanied with a total Sit-At-Home observance across Biafraland. The slain chose to fall that we may live and nothing less will suffice.

The Biafra restoration project is insurmountable. All IPOB family members must therefore maintain high degree of discipline and defiantly get committed to the cause. Opposition on the way to freedom is expected and will be surmounted. We must neither mutate nor mortgage our blissful future and that of the upcoming Biafran generation, no matter the attraction of temporal comfort. We have come this far, staking our lives and all for this all important project. The evolving developments in Nigeria are clear indications that we are close to the finishing line.

The much anticipated Biafra independence is quite imminent. The date and time heralding it’s declaration may not be known or determined but behold, it is in the horizon. Biafra is will be free and we must all get our eyes fixed on the ball for the appointed season of our glory. God’s hand of providence and protection on behalf of HIS own children we Biafrans, is evidently clear in every ramification. Chukwu Okike Abiama is in total control and victory is ours.