Otunba Gbenga Daniel & The Perils Of Deceit – By Charles Adeyinka


I do not belong to the PDP, nor am I a friend of Atiku Abubakar. Atiku Abubakar may be no angel, however, recent reports of political defection by Mr. Gbenga Daniel to APC, is so deep, that no experienced human being, politician or not, can look at this matter and not flinch at the permanent natural retribution Mr. Gbenga Daniel has wrought on himself, and his next generation.  There is honor even among thieves.

Most Nigerians were born in the night but not last night.  Gbenga Daniel’s treachery, for a man who was entrusted with a role as high as the Director-General of a presidential Campaign-any campaign, goes beyond the normal game of preserving political interests.  It is a treachery so deep, that pursuant to Karma, no man survives treachery that deep in the long run.

There is a law of natural justice and retribution, it is called Karma.  Karma does not care whether you are a Christian or Moslem; or whether you have 50 prayer warriors or Imams living in your house, and praying non-stop; when your cup is full, Karma will simply take its toll; it is a miserable way to die because you die alone; one does not wish this on their worst enemy.

Nothing kills a man’s reputation quicker than the fact that he can never be trusted again, by his peers, contemporaries, or even subordinates; for the rest of his natural life; because he sold his soul for lucre, in order to compromise a battle that was not entirely over at the time of his action.

A betrayer, traitor, and person who rewards trust with treachery is worse than scum; because he will do it over and over, until he meets his demise.  That person is Gbenga Daniel; no human being should place himself at that level of ignominy

History is replete with examples of men or women who traded on deceit, after being trusted with a high-degree of responsibility and loyalty in a critical mission.  Judas Iscariot did it and paid with his life and eternal damnation.  Judas even sought to return the money, when he regretted his action, but Judas’s paymasters said they were not interested in taking the money back, “what does that have to do with us Judas?” they asked.  Markus Junius Brutus of ancient Rome did it, by stabbing Julius Caesar and dealing the final fatal blow to Caesar.  Brutus paid for the treachery with the total destruction of a budding political career and his life.

Perhaps EFCC has a big file on Gbenga Daniel; perhaps Gbenga Daniel has been promised money, a position, or a contract; however sometimes money and access to power is not sufficient for a man to lower his personal worth to that of a scum.  How much more would 500 Million Naira add to Gbenga Daniels life?

Gbenga Daniel has just become scum, the lowest of the low; let the world know that other Yoruba or other great people from Ogun State are not like that.  Mr. Gbenga Daniel will carry this cross and bear its whole weight on his treacherous frame.  We shudder to think about what Karma has in store for Gbenga Daniel.  Enough said.

Abuja, FCT

Email: Charles.em@gmx.com



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