Press Statement By Joint Action Committee Of Northern Youth Associations On El-Rufai’s Inflamatory Statement


The recent outburst and threat to the international community, especially election observers by Kaduna State Governor Nasir Ahmad el-rufai is not surprising. What is surprising is extending it outside the  shore of Kaduna and Nigeria, targeting the international community who are interested in fair, transparent, credible and peaceful elections in Nigeria.

This is not new. But as northern youths, we have resolved not to be drawn into any act that will lead to lost of lives and property in Kaduna State, the region or the nation as a whole.

For the record, Governor el-rufai is no stranger to such inflamatary statement meant to stock ember of discord and results in violence. But we have seen through his veiled calls to violence.

El-rufai is known to have called the opposition in Kaduna termites and ants and should be crushed. He has asked those who asked questions on his style of scothearth leadership to climb Kufena Hill and jump to their death.

The most recent and bizzare was his allusion to a religious icon; the celebrated and revered Catholic leader,  The Pope. That statement was meant to infuriate the Catholics and Christians to cause religious conflict. But we thank the Christian community for their restrain and the show of maturity by not playing into the hands of the governor.

Just this week, three young boys were mowed down in cold blood at Unguwan Muazu within Kaduna metropolis right under the watch of Governor el-rufai in his campaign train. Despite the security agents in the Governor’s motorcade, no one has been arrested nor did he visit to condole with the families of the murdered boys.  It took  serious intervention of peace loving people to ensure the killings of the young boys did not lead to another circle of bloodletting in Kaduna.

 Nigeria like the governor said in this last infamous  interview on a national television has been involved in other countries to ensure they have a peaceful and credible elections. What is wrong to ensure Nigeria does same with other countries as observers.

El-rufai’s statement  that “those that are calling for anyone to intervene in Nigeria, we are waiting for the person to come and intervene.  They would go back in body bags because nobody would come to Nigeria and tell us how to run our country” is unfortunate, condemnable, a call to violence and veiled threat to all peace loving people.      

We use this opportunity to call on the security agencies to ensure the protection of lives and property before, during and after the forthcoming elections. We also urge the international and the election observers not to bow to threats such as the one coming from Governor Nasir Ahmad El-rufai.

In the face of  this, we call on all to remain steadfast, not to bow to intimidation, not to play into the hands of people like el-rufai whose plan is to throw the state and the nation into another round of bloodletting. We shall triumph over those who don’t want to see us in peace.


Murtala Abubakar (convener JACON).

7th February, 2019.



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