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I’ve read a lot of funny tributes in reaction to Uche Nwosu’s exit from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to Action Alliance (AA). I mean, I read a whole lot of funny stuff. Sorry if you feel the writer is trying to make mockery of his dream; it’s really the way you quickly want to understand this piece. Just have a chill. Get a chilled bottle of Peter Obi’s Hero or Life and sip as you read.

Well, I’m not in the business of mocking people’s dream or aspiration, because I believe that tomorrow is always a dream for anyone who wishes to have it. People who follow my timely updates on the social media platforms will tell you better. I write to enforce hope for genuine and sincere dreaming.

There is something I want people who want us to believe that because Uche Nwosu had fought so hard to be in the race to govern Imo state, then to them it means he deserves our sympathy for a continuation or finalization of his pursuit. They tried to manipulate us into supporting the young dream, since as a youth he had fought well. They tried. Yes, they tried. But, they failed. I’m sorry. But I have to write this, which is not far from the truth, that’s if there’s still a little space left to contain it in his heart, as I know that they have sycophantically drained him of it.

Dreams are so special that anybody can afford it, but the walk or work towards it is sold separately. I’m sure you remember that popular say. I gladly want to say this, with great conviction that, what Mr. Uche Nwosu presents to us as his dream of becoming the governor of Imo state is not his dream. He is running on another person’s dream. If he understands that dream, he will personally win the hearts of those expecting quality and visionary leadership. If he understands that dream, he will be in the streets of Abuja fighting for what he believes is his dream. If he understands that dream, he would have denounced Okorocha’s kind of leadership for Imo people to see that he came for himself.

One may say, “Hey Ugochukwu, you don’t have the right to speak for any man’s dream.” Hey yes! But, I have the citizenship right as an Imo son to differ on one. If he goes in there and messes up, through my tax, I will pay to clean it up. That’s why it is called governance, not personal venture like the real owner of his dream had converted the treasury of my State into. I will pay to clean his mess. Paying to clean any administrator’s mess or mistake can take us another eight years of waste. If he must be there, he will run on my mandate. Our mandate. Imo people’s mandate. It can be his dream, but only our mandate can take him from dreamland to the land of reality.

Next time when they want to manipulate us, they should take Owelle out of the steering of his dream. What he is dreaming is Owelle’s dream. Like I have written, every man is permitted to dream just the same way his father in-law is dreaming to build them a political dynasty that will run only in their family. It’s a dream. It’s also your dream not allow them to succeed, because you want your future and that of your children not to be mortgaged as a result of one man’s greed. It’s still a dream!

To tell you how sycophantic this society of ours can be, since he lost his ticket under the APC, I’ve stopped seeing updates like – “Ugwumba is a product of grace.” Maybe that grace they saw has stopped being sufficient. Be careful the kind of praises you inhale when the going is well for/with you. People? Fear them!

Last time in a meeting for a different topic and purpose, someone showed up and was suggesting how Uche Nwosu would have comfortably been preparing for his campaign to be at the Federal House of Representatives. Interestingly, I paid an attention to what he was saying, as he made a point. Uche Nwosu for me looks gracefully vibrant for that, as Abuja needs his kind of representation and voice. And somehow, maybe that was his dream last three years, having seen the likes of Chike Okafor and a few others who came through Governor Okorocha’s camp. But so huge and surprising, and however unprepared, he answered the call of his father in-law and those of the sycophants around them to run for governorship.

Please, if he insists is his dream to govern Imo, let him still stand through the race having joined the Action Alliance (AA). Like we all know, the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. We will all be ‘patient’ with him, as we wish him ‘goodluck!’

Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor’s social media handle is FB|IG|TW: @UgochukwuFM