2019 General Elections: Engineer Buba Galadima, The Game Changer? – By Emeka Oraetoka

Engineer Buba Galadima
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Before now, Nigerians who did not know Engineer Buba Galadima in Nigerian political space may be tempted to call him, political outsider but after seeing the meticulous manner of his struggle to redeem and redirect political activities in the country, perception about him appears to have completely changed. In fact, some political analysts likened Buba’s political struggle against Buhari-led APC to a football match between a relatively unknown team  and a big/star studded team, to which they predicted a total routing; but they are now overwhelmed by the upset they are about to see. Ordinarily, the big and famous team was expected to beat the unknown team, black and blue, but it is turning out to be the opposite. In a nutshell, Engineer Buba Galadima Vs President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC encounter has proved bookmakers wrong already. Perhaps if Buba Galadima did not come out from political hibernation to challenge the misrule of Buhari-led almighty All Progressives Congress (APC), many Nigerians may never know anything about his existence, politically.

Although, many Nigerians, including this writer know that Buba Galadima is a giant political Iroko which the Buhari led APC ignored to its possible peril. Before daring the ruling party, he gave series of warning to APC by way of interview in various media, especially electronic and print outfits; pointing out the failings of this government, the misrule, including the use and dump tendency of President Buhari. While doing this, Buba Galadima was echoing the frustration of millions of Nigerians, particularly, members of Congress For Progressive Change (CPC) who felt that they have been used and dumped by Buhari. It will be recalled that CPC was one of the legacy parties that merged to form APC.

As Buba Galadima was busy calling the ruling APC to its senses by way of pointing at the frustration of CPC members who worked hard to see the emergence of PMB at the polls; gate crashes who are now calling the shot in APC, were busy calling him names. These later day defenders of APC even allegedly sponsored former chairmen of CPC in the 19 northern states to Abuja for press conference to rubbish and disown Buba Galadima; only four 4 of the former chairmen showed up for the event. Meanwhile, N250, 000 was allegedly given to them. Since only four of them could not do the dirty job, they were asked to go back. As a mark of loyalty to Buba Galadima, the four men visited Buba at home in Abuja to greet and tell him their story of what transpired; information has it that Buba told them why they were invited to Abuja after three years of abandonment. He added that his principal stand on their plight had at least brought them something to go back with.

When on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, Buba Galadima and fellow authentic APC members formed Reformed All Progressive Congress (rAPC), it became obvious to all that this political Iroko meant business. The unprecedented goodwill he harvested from that redemptive action showed clearly that he is political game changer. Those that castigated him openly saw the tsunami that was about to follow and started wooing him back to APC. Even Adams Oshiomole paid a surprise night visit to Buba Galadima at home to persuade him to drop rAPC movement. It did not take time before tsunami of defection hit the National Assembly; some state governors elected under APC joined the bandwagon of defection. Currently, defection is on going from APC to PDP and other parties.

Engineer Buba Galadima led rAPC has since teamed up with PDP and 37 other political parties to form CUPP alliance. In fact, many political watchers believe that Galadima’s frank defence of PDP’s new integrity as well as its packaging are responsible for the party’s soaring image in Nigeria today. It was Buba Galidima who forcefully argued and probably rightly so, that corrupt politicians have left PDP to seek shelter in APC. Many Nigerians will agree with this writer that Buba Galadima opened the floodgate of opposition to PMB-led APC misrule. Before his open condemnation of APC’s government, many Nigerians were merely grumbling but after Buba’s enough is enough stand, the political atmosphere became electrified and Nigerians are on daily basis, aligning with his principal opposition to APC’s miss-governance.

It will be recalled that at the convention of APC, Buba Galadima documented breaches in both the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria and that of the party committed by those hijackers of the party and submitted it to INEC to take action in accordance with law. He followed it up with a court action against the emergence of Adams Oshiomole. His painstaking legal and political battle to see good governance in Nigeria has not gone without attacks from APC stalwarts. For instance, the former publicity secretary of CPC, Rotimi Fashakin, the former publicity secretary of CPC joined the team of his attackers, but in the process, succeeded in convincing many Nigerians that indeed, Buba is a man of influence and power in the north. Fashakin alluded to the fact that Buba’s command of Kanuri and Hausa languages makes him acceptable in the north. Fashakin’s de-marketing strategy only offered insight into what makes Buba cult figure in the north.

This writer’s first meeting with Engineer Buba Galadima in 1998 in his residence at Maitama offered him an opportunity to study this man at a close quarter. As the Director General of National Maritime Authority (NMA), now NIMASA, Buba received me as though I was a VIP and when I handed him over a letter I was told to give him, he cracked a joke with me after reading the letter. I left his residence a very happy person. So, Fashakin’s allusion to the oratory skill of Buba further confirmed my belief that he is not only a good communicator, but a compassionate person.

There is no doubt that Engineer Buba Galadima is the real game changer ahead 2019 general elections. He dared the almighty APC and the centre can no longer hold in the party. Since this Iroko of Nigerian politics stepped forward to claim what rightly belonged to him and his people via the authentic APC, the court jesters in the party have been running from pillar to pole to see how the carcass of the party can be salvaged to no avail. By the time the requiem mass of APC takes place after 2019 elections, the name of Engineer Buba Galadima will surely echo in the minds of millions of Nigerians as the man who went, saw and conquered.

Emeka Oraetoka

Information Management Consultant and Political Researcher

Wrote in from Garki-Abuja


GSM: 0903904636, 08056031187


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