Running Mate Debacle: American-Based APGA Chieftain Disagrees On Obi, Others

Running Mate Debacle: American-Based APGA Chieftain Disagrees On Obi, Others
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Running Mate Debacle: American-Based APGA Chieftain Disagrees On Obi, Others

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An American based legal practitioner and chieftain of the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA), Charles Maduka has opposed the choice of a Vice Presidential running mate to Atiku Abubakar.
Maduka who was a founding member of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) decamped to the APGA few months ago in his Amichi, Nnewi South council Ward of Anambra state.
In a well laid out letter, copy of which was sent to journalists in Awka, Maduka noted; “Here we go again, always thinking second is better than third or fourth. I am reminded of how meat was shared while we were growing up.
“The greediest person who was not watching when the meat is being cut and subsequently shared would 99% of the time grab the biggest-looking portion only to discover that the biggest bone was hidden underneath. We can do better in this age.
“Except on selfish ground, any home grown person who has paid any attention to Nigerian politics should know that we are being set up again.
“Already we are falling for it.  Anybody or group clamoring for Atiku to pick someone from SE to be his VP does not care for the Igbo. Such calls are purely selfish and has no anchor in what is in the best interest of NdiIgbo.
“Osibanjo is visible simply because of the incapacity of the President, and even at that, he is still being piloted by the President’s men. Besides, he is from the SW with a king maker backup.
“Tell these groups that a well vetted activist based in the United States wholly disagrees with the wanting a SE VP to Atiku. What NdiIgbo need is equity in resource control, six states for the zone like others, infrastructure and federal presence.
“Your actvists have to be careful what they ask for because the VP position is a toothless bull dog position. What SE needs is a tested person to lead the charge for restructuring the country in the Senate, in the position of President of the Senate.
“That person constitutionally controls the agenda for what we need in the country, particularly the SE. Ike Ekweremadu is a true Igbo son who has worked well with Saraki and understands the Igbo cause. What happened in the past when we had the Senate leadership should not arise today because times have changed and the person who may win the Presidency supports the Igbo cause.
“Furthermore the next President of the Senate would have been tested and popular which Ike enjoys. Stop fronting these selfish groups that are being sponsored by people who don’t have the best interest of NdiIgbo at heart. They are selfish and corrupt, using aggrandized money to powder their resume with worthless self sponsored certificates and awards.
“We don’t need the VP, not even the Presidency. Equity first before anything else. If Atiku wins, he is going to be a strong President and the VP does nothing. He can be rendered powerless except to attend functions like Deputy Governors do. Being number two does not work in Nigeria and cannot definitely work for the Igbo man.
“The VP can only be assigned functions at the pleasure of the President. If you ever complain, the answer will be, “well we gave you VP.”
Say no, to this knee jerk reaction. When do we learn to make the right call or choose right?”


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