Group Calls For Independent Audit Of Ekiti Accounts In The Last 10 Years

Group Calls For Independent Audit Of Ekiti Accounts In The Last 10 Years

Group Calls For Independent Audit Of Ekiti Accounts In The Last 10 Years

A socio-political group, Ajoro Ekiti, has called for an independent audit of the financial books of Ekiti State in the last 10 years, describing it as a “logical and sensible” way of unraveling the true financial position of the state.

Ajoro Ekiti (translated as Ekiti collective reasoning) in a statement by its Convener, Ariyo-Dare Atoye decried the precarious financial situation of the state, as well as the burdensome debt overhang, stating that “it is worrisome and unacceptable.”

“We are calling for the application of best practices and standard financial procedure in unraveling the debts and true financial position of our dear state, which is the appropriate thing to do in a contentious situation as this.

“Such intervention has become very necessary in order to do justice to the financial books of the state, which have no doubt become a subject of controversies and political mudslinging among political players.

“Consequently, we are demanding for a comprehensive and independent audit of the state’s finances and debts profile in the last 10 years, which shall cover three successive administrations without any bias.

“It is our considered opinion that the length of this investigation and its independent nature by a reputable auditing firm will help to lay to rest, the bickering over the state’s indebtedness and financial viability.

“We therefore urge the outgoing administration to immediately kickstart this process to open up the state to standard scrutiny, and in the event of its inability to do so, the incoming administration should do the needful in its first 100 days,” the statement said.

The group also called for an end to the culture of last minute supplementary appropriation by an outgoing administration, describing it as capable of unsettling the state if the practice is allowed to continue.

“We have a duty to our state and responsibility to our people to ensure that  we put in place systems and enduring cultures that are sane, laudable and sustainable, as a strategic way of avoiding unnecessary controversies and setting ourselves up for failure,” Ajoro Ekiti cautioned.



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