Edo Govt, Youths Deny Allegation Of Neglect By Obaseki

Edo Govt, Youths Deny Allegation Of Neglect By Obaseki

Edo Govt, Youths Deny Allegation Of Neglect By Obaseki


The crisis rocking Edo state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), took a new twist on Wednesday, as youths loyal to the state government disociated itself from the recent protest by some aggrieved youths of the party, the Governor Godwin Obaseki neglected them.


This is even as Governor Godwin Obaseki reiterated that his administration shall not mortgage law, order and the development of the state for political patronage.


It would be recalled that the Edo south youth leaders of the party, Tony Kabaka Adun, had on Monday led hundreds of youths from across the state to protest alleged neglect by Governor Godwin Obaseki, adding they he used them to win election and later dumped them.


He threatened to revolt against Governor Obaseki if he continues to neglect them and will henceforth withdraw their support from future engagements and vowed never to used again by the governor in future elections.


Briefing journalists at the Edo NUJ secretariat on Wednesday, the leader of the youths loyal to the government, Valentine Asuen, said that the administration of Governor Godwin Obaseki has established EdoJobs portal through which thousands of Edo youths have been gainfully employed while others have been trained on several skills.


He said: “Since inception of this government, Edo youths have been involved in virtually every policy Initiative and programme in every sector of the state through the various organs of the APC.


“Governor Obaseki made it clear that one of his major goals is to create nothing less than 200,000 jobs for Edo people and residents, and from available records, Edo youths have been the major beneficiaries.


“We, Edo APC youths also wish to state that Kabaka was wrong when he said he was speaking for Edo youths. We advise the few person’s around him to come forward with their certificates or join the thousands of Edo youths undergoing skills training at the Edo Innovation Hub and other skills acquisition centres.


“If Tony Kabaka thinks that after his self-serving outcry, the government will hand over the state government machinery to him to enrich himself, he needs a rethink, as that will not happen.


“We have learnt from our past mistakes and the rule of law by law will not be mortgaged.


“Never again will we allow the harrasment, intimidation and assault of our market women and men in the name of revenue collection.”


The State Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Hon. Paul Ohonbamu, had while responding to the allegation of neglect by the aggrieved youths, said the state government is focused on developing the state and will not be distracted by the antics of jobbers, spoilers and opportunists, calling on the people to be wary of their antics as the election season approaches.


According to him, “The Chairman-in-council and Governor of Edo State, urges Edo people to be focused on development and not to be distracted by the antics of jobbers, spoilers and poisoners of goodwill. He resolved that the position of these opportunists is well known, and they will not be negotiated with.


“The governor holds tenaciously to the social contract with the people. He will not negotiate his duty to the people, to suit the desires and wishes of individual interests whether within or outside the political party.


“The governor maintained that as the political season approaches, development of the state will not be determined by the interests of few individuals, urging the people to hold steadfast to their faith in government and the commitment to sustainable, inclusive development.”



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